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  1. StoneGullet

    Disconnection issues

    Been happening since most recent battle pass was released. I’m in Florida, USA. It’s still disconnecting when I get crates.
  2. StoneGullet

    Disconnection issues

    I login in the game and try to open a crate or a menu I go back to log in screen. I have to re-login in. Even got disconnected while in an encounter. It seems like it’s been happening a lot lately.
  3. StoneGullet

    Switch voice chat

    It’s sucks cause this game needs headphones. Switch doesn’t have discord or anything on the console itself to use voice chat. Using discord on the phone doesn’t work cause I can’t hear my teammates cause I wearing headphones for the game. It’s damned if I do or damned if I don’t.
  4. I hear Xbox can do it. Why can’t we? I can reset the other challenges why not the first one?