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  1. Hello. i am trying to follow tutorials on how to set a trigger with repair,refuel and rearm but i can't get it to work. my spawn area is on USS freedom. i can't put a helipad on the ship.
  2. oh i see. forgive my ignorance. 😂 i got confused. thank you soo much. i'll let you know if i got things right on my editor. thanks again! 👍
  3. thanks for the link. i have a lot to learn to understand the framework im sorry but i'm having trouble understanding what and how to write it inside the game. lol. i have a question tho. how do you put two conditions inside that add action, i already put the "triggerActivated Card1" and i want to link a trigger that would set its state to "completed" once the addaction is activated. i may just put a trigger with var name "end" to be connected to the task state
  4. first thank you so much for replying. i have a task titled "DefendHQ" that i want to be activated once the siren goes off. is that even possible.
  5. Hello, i have no scripting knowledge, i just watch youtube tutorials on making my first scenario. i'm sorry if there's already a topic here with same as mine. i just want to ask on how can i make an addaction that will trigger a task only after a certain trigger is activated. thanks in advance.. first trigger var. name is Card1, the object with add action var name is loudspeak with Init: this addAction ["Sound Alarm",{loudspeak say3D ["hqsiren", 1000, 1];}];