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  1. First post so I’ll say hi to everyone. ive been playing for a couple of years on PS4 and recently have started playing on the official first person servers and if I could change one thing it would be gamer tags. There are a good few reasons, first I think it prevents people from using in game chat as if you use it, even though your voice may not be heard by another player your name pops up on the screen to alert players you are in the vicinity. Secondly I don’t much care to know who I’ve killed or been killed by and it ruins the immersive experience. Please Bohemia consider removing gamer tags to enhance how immersed I feel when playing and to promote in game chat, there is far too much party chat in the PS4 DayZ community which promotes KOS and hinders the awesome team ups and adventures you can have with random players. Perhaps there are players who prefer gamer tags so perhaps add to just the more immersive first person servers? Everyone’s thoughts are welcomed on this subject and if you’ve read this far then thank you for taking the time. Clockie