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    Knife throwing

    Knives are useless regardless totally unusable make it to where we can throw the damn things atleast it will add fire and thrill to the game for sure.

    Noob assist

    Why has vigor developers taken out guns when game released then basically sell it back to us and why is there millions of complaints about noob assist and vigor devs you are money hungry you've proved that already but you wont receive another dime from me until game gets better your letting people that are cry babies turn it to 💩 and you all can lie to your partners all you want. QUESTION IS WHY IS THIS HAPPENING AND WHY YOU OWE ALL OF US AN EXPLANATION 3YR PLAYER THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS SPENT MORE THAN ANY NOOB HAS SPENT WE DESERVE TO KNOW WHY OR FIX THE GAME


    Is noob assist gonna be taken out of the game. Ive recorded every screen shot and clip from people who have had less then 500 kills and .3 kpe's its suspicious if you think about it and for gods sake please stop messing with recoil of guns and listening to whiney noobs that cry because guns are hard to use... Guns are worse then they have ever been it seems like VIGOR DEVS PLEASE FIX THE GAME BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS IVE GIVEN YOU THOUSANDS OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY AND HAVE SUPPORTED YOU GUYS EVERY STEP OF THE WAY FROM BETA NEW PLAYERS WILL COME AND THEY NEED TO GET NATURALLY GOOD AT THE GAME YOUVE BEEN LISTENING TO THE WRONG PEEPS