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  1. ShotScot

    Banned by Game Developer

    Hi Dwarden, I sent you a message in discord a few days back! Do you want me to write the steam ID in here or on discord? Thank you
  2. I remember those days... Taking down the radio tower in the town or AO was an objective?
  3. I am now in contact with someone who is looking into my issues. Please delete this if seen
  4. ShotScot

    Banned by Game Developer

    I've already emailed and received a response. I'm going to email the information over to you a when I get in from work mate :)
  5. ShotScot

    Banned by Game Developer

    ZaPHoN you are fighting a losing battle here! I played Arma for 10+ years. 10 months ago I fired up Arma 3 after 8 months of not playing it. I spent 1 minute in the in game menu then decided I couldn't be bothered. I left the game and played something else. Next day I logged into steam to find I was DEV BANNED. DEV BAN according to steam is when the developer of the game inform valve of something suspicious and they ask valve to ban us. BATTLEYE BAN is when BE have detected cheating or hacking software or suspicious activity and have banned you from all BE protected game. This is clearly a dev ban and has nothing at all to do with Battleye as you can see in the links below> https://imgur.com/evrgzFu https://imgur.com/Y4BGTD8 Now for the past ten months I have been contacting battleye as BI have told me multiple times its nothing to do with them. This is clearly deflecting there own issues on to Battleye who have had nothing to do with developer bans. Battleye have even told me they did not ban me nor was any suspicious software detected on my system at the time of the ban. I have contacted BI support over this and get the same stupid reply again and again about how they have nothing to do with bans but steam clearly states its a DEVELOPER BAN. I feel like BI are not addressing the issue and its funny how the same thing that happened to me has happened to you. Just to silence any cheating allegations I am happy to send my correspondence with Battleye stating no suspicious software was on my pc at the time of my ban according to their logs. I would not risk my account for cheating in any game what so ever. for me like many, Arma was an escape from reality. That has now been unfairly taken from me.