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  1. ShotScot

    Developer ban issues

    Time wasted mate and BI don't care about loyal supporters of the game
  2. ShotScot

    Developer ban issues

    I have filed a GDPR request for my logs retrieved for issuing my ban! I've seen people go to hell and back trying to get unbanned for doing nothing wrong for them to find out and prove a hash on an empty string or file resulted in a ban! I will get to the bottom of this! There is an abundance of evidence out there of battleye falsely banning individuals for stupid stuff like a hash on an empty string flagged and banned them. The problem is when it only happens to the odd individual here or there you get no support. Battleye only own up when a mistake on thier behalf results in a mass ban!
  3. ShotScot

    Developer ban issues

    And you can't tell me exactly what reason I was banned for? Its clear as day that what ever has happened has been misleading or mistaken. What ever they have detected was false! I mean I played battleye protected games before and after my ban..... Explain that? I've played this bloody game for over ten years. I've got most DLCs why on Gods earth would I spend all the money to go into the menu for one minute (not even join a game) and have some form of illegitimate software running?? Makes no sense what so ever. A simple ban reversal request would resolve the issue but it seem someone who has played the games for over ten years, invested over 2000+ hours in the series, purchased DLCs, joined communities and supported Bohemia through the years is not trusted or valued! It was painful leaving the review I did on steam but I'm glad I did. 500+ people have found it helpful. Hopeful that's 500 less people battleye can screw over.
  4. ShotScot

    Developer ban issues

    Yeh after giving you my GUID you checked and told me the ban was valid. After that you said you were requesting more information. On the 22nd of July I asked you if you had heard anything back from them and you told me 'no eta on that' So I was under the impression I am waiting on you getting more information so you could see exactly why I was banned. I'm not trying to cause any problems but you've got to understand where I am coming from!
  5. ShotScot

    Developer ban issues

    The Dev ban is a battleye global ban in relation to arma and Bohemia. Battleye ban on behalf of the dev which means steam notify you stating a dev ban. I know 100% there was nothing wrong on my end and my account has always been secure. Steam downloaded 54Gb of mods automatically when I reinstalled. I don't know if Battleye has maybe detected something suspicious with an old mod or something. I just want an answer and the issue resolved.
  6. So I'm back in here in my search for help. A bit of background - I've played arma for 10+ years. I was a massive fan of arma project reality and realism servers. I also played life servers, original dayz (running round the shore with makarovs and flares), domination etc. Spent countless hours falling out with my other half about the time spent.... Some of you guys will know what I'm talking about!! I was global banned by battleye for unknown reasons. Dwarden requested more information from battleye about the ban, he has since gone quiet on me. I was banned after not having the game installed for over 6 months on my system. I decided to install and get back into it. I Loaded up the game, spending one minute in the game menu then exited the game. I decided I didn't have the time that night to get into a game. I went on next day to play and steam notified me I had been banned by the DEV. I have a global battleye ban yet I can play all other battleye games. I have played other battleye protected games in the days prior to my ban and after it. I had a perfectly clean 11 year old steam account. Over 2000+ hours in the arma series. I have not been banned from any other games previously & since my ban. I literally spent one minute the game menu(in the last two weeks prior to my ban) (screenshot to prove it) I have emailed battleye 5 times with no response. The information supplied to Dwarden was enough for him to request more information. There is nothing stopping me setting up a new steam and buying it again but that is not the point. I've lost all my hours on my account and all my DLC and I have no single reason why!
  7. ShotScot

    Banned by Game Developer

    Hi Dwarden, I sent you a message in discord a few days back! Do you want me to write the steam ID in here or on discord? Thank you
  8. I remember those days... Taking down the radio tower in the town or AO was an objective?
  9. I am now in contact with someone who is looking into my issues. Please delete this if seen
  10. ShotScot

    Banned by Game Developer

    I've already emailed and received a response. I'm going to email the information over to you a when I get in from work mate :)
  11. ShotScot

    Banned by Game Developer

    ZaPHoN you are fighting a losing battle here! I played Arma for 10+ years. 10 months ago I fired up Arma 3 after 8 months of not playing it. I spent 1 minute in the in game menu then decided I couldn't be bothered. I left the game and played something else. Next day I logged into steam to find I was DEV BANNED. DEV BAN according to steam is when the developer of the game inform valve of something suspicious and they ask valve to ban us. BATTLEYE BAN is when BE have detected cheating or hacking software or suspicious activity and have banned you from all BE protected game. This is clearly a dev ban and has nothing at all to do with Battleye as you can see in the links below> https://imgur.com/evrgzFu https://imgur.com/Y4BGTD8 Now for the past ten months I have been contacting battleye as BI have told me multiple times its nothing to do with them. This is clearly deflecting there own issues on to Battleye who have had nothing to do with developer bans. Battleye have even told me they did not ban me nor was any suspicious software detected on my system at the time of the ban. I have contacted BI support over this and get the same stupid reply again and again about how they have nothing to do with bans but steam clearly states its a DEVELOPER BAN. I feel like BI are not addressing the issue and its funny how the same thing that happened to me has happened to you. Just to silence any cheating allegations I am happy to send my correspondence with Battleye stating no suspicious software was on my pc at the time of my ban according to their logs. I would not risk my account for cheating in any game what so ever. for me like many, Arma was an escape from reality. That has now been unfairly taken from me.