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  1. fkhooligan

    Double XP

    'Booster Apocalypse' wtf ❌☠️♿
  2. fkhooligan

    Double XP

    This is from Dev stream yesterday when guy asking in chat about double xp coming back: "There should be one in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled on our socials" Let's go!!!
  3. fkhooligan

    Double XP

    Heya! What happened to double XP weekends!?? Is it gonna happen this season? Thx, Rick
  4. fkhooligan

    Portable signals detector

    Ok thanks for the reply. I can't be 100% sure but I had few matches in a row that was a bit sketchy. It seems to be working fine last encounters so maybe just me wasn't paying attention 🙂 /Rick
  5. fkhooligan

    Portable signals detector

    Hey! Last few games I have noticed that the Portable signals detector doesn't work all the time! I'm getting signals way across the map, and then I hear a guy just in front of me. I've had similar things happen several times today. Anyone else experiencing this!?? I'm on PS5. /Rick
  6. fkhooligan

    Update ruins game.

    That sounds good, thanks 😀
  7. fkhooligan

    Update ruins game.

    Nothing is as annoying as the signal detector glitch!! I'm not touching this game until they fix this sry guys!