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  1. Ok so looking in the buildingcfg file the majority of vn buildings aren't assigned any spawn points, so I have spent the last 3 hours finding (by eye because you cant search object names urrgh) each of the missing buildings and spawning them in so that I can go through and manually add spawn locations (because autogenerate crashes the game) and I am half way through so I should be able to provide a full config tomorrow hopefully 😕
  2. I have checked basically all of saigon and the FOB north of there, and perhaps a few small villages around saigon and from what I can see, loot will only spawn in buildings that are in the older arma maps, like those old blue windowed Italy looking houses
  3. thanks for the offer RanHead, I actually got it working with a complete reinstall, seems I cooked something messing around so I have your base SOG Exile server running with TADST, I would love to run FASTER but its 64bit only, I might try ServerifyA31501 but it may be the same, not sure. after like 60 minutes of play I will note I have only found items in the default arma buildings, so seems to be no loot for the majority of the map as the buildings are new? Perhaps I could help with the new buildings loot table, I would also like to work out how to populate the map with random VC encounters, I have done a small bit of arma scripting but I am still fairly new to it. It may not be for you but I think I will try to strip any non SOG weapons and gear that doesn't at least make some sense in this setting. If you want to hit me up then my discord is : https://discord.gg/BtJzMk3m (assuming this is aloud here)
  4. I am stuck guys, I used to run an exile server but its been a year or two and I just cant get exile running in SOG, I have tried tadst and FASTER but neither work with different errors. What do you guys use and what config options should I use. ERRORS: TADST: while joining server I get stuck on "waiting for server to load", when running 32bit exe the server just crashes FASTER: EDIT, found this only runs 64 bit