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    Account help!

    I have a problem I have two bohemia accounts connected to two separate emails and NONE of them will link with my steam account. One of the bohemia accounts (the one I'm logged in on to write this) is the one I want connected to my steam account. (I want this because I can't use the goddamned custom logos that show on vehicles and such without linking my bohemia account to my steam account.) Anyway, it doesn't work because it says that it's already connected to some other bohemia account. NONE of my emails have any notifications and such about this happening. So I need an admin or some support technician to uncouple the steam account from whatever bohemia account it's locked onto, so I can connect the damned thing to my existing bohemia account. I've tried to send a support mail about this(with three separate internet browsers) but the goddamned bohemia site gets an internal server error every time I try to send the support message! So sufficed to say I'm a tad annoyed. I HOPE some admin or such can help me with this issue.