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  1. I've played Arma3 BR for quite a few years now and it remains my #1 game of all time. I tried PUBG, Ring of Elysium, Apex, and a bunch of other BRs and none of them came close. That perfect blend of milsim, incredibly well-developed maps, and a battle royale developed and maintained with love is unique to the grandaddy of them all. There are streamed community games on the weekends for fellow diehard 1PP SOLO BR players out there (from roughly 9am - 1pm EST Saturdays and Sundays) as well as 3PP teamgames most evenings if that's your thing. The devs are also adapting the new vietnam DLC to BR so we have been playing around with that too! We're a very welcoming community, we love to have a good time, and we also love to play the hell out of this game mode. ❤️