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  1. Most definitely the best battle royale experience out there, nothing comes even close to it. PUBG, the giant of the genre was born from this but it never even came close to being as good (in my opinion). I have been a part of this mod since pretty much since the beginning (late 2014) and cannot recommend it enough. There are so many different maps available in between Altis, Stratis, Wake Island, Bozcaada, Tembelan, Tanoa, Chernarus, Malden... all so diverse and fun to play! Like it has been mentioned in Rexeh's post; if you are curious and want to see some gameplay of it before dipping your toes in; the game is streamed on a weekly basis on Twitch during weekends, so take a peek in the Arma 3 section in the afternoon (EU time)! Hope to see some new faces out there!