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    how to deal with campers and cheaters

    sadly there are, CronusMAX 29 april om 08:33 · Due to popular demand, a new GamePack for "Vigor" is now available to download for free in Zen Studio. Mods includes Anti-Recoil for 3 Profiles, Aim Assist & Aim Assist Plus, Rapid Fire, Dynamic Rapid Fire, Crouch Shot, Strafe Shot, QuickScope, Sniper Breath, Auto Ping, Auto Reload, Turbo Melee and More! https://nl-nl.facebook.com/pg/officialcronusmax/posts/ chronus is a cheating/hacking tool that ruins games. vigor shouldn't shut down the game, sony has to block chronus. campers are a part of vigor. some players just want to be that kind of outlander. and lets be fair. it's a pretty realistic choice. i hate them but it's also why i love this game. the best choice to balans this part of the game is to let the bushes and little trees rustle when you sit in them. like the twigs and leaves. but whatever, just start a new round and be done with it haha exitcampers, bushwookies, treehuggers. they don't always get you. you can mess with them and it's really funny because they are deathserious about their campingaction.
  2. yoo first of all great work vigor team. your game get's better and better. i thought of an idea to nerve portables without limiting the amount of consumables. when your location is pinpointed by a portable, the signal bounces back to it's origin. you get an alert, open your map, see where the signal came from and choose where to go from there, set up an attack or make an evasive maneuver this way it's useless to bring 10 and hunt everyone down, destroying the server. yet you can still use one to your advantage. i hope this idea helps all of you to find a good permanent solution! greetings,