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  1. PabloSalto

    Random SAR Missions

    I have a problem setting the damage to the spawned civilian, I've used the setDamage command but seems like this doesn't work with the ACE damage/medical sistem
  2. PabloSalto

    Random SAR Missions

    _civ setPos _marker_pos; Error: _civ is read by setPos as a string and not as an object
  3. PabloSalto

    Random SAR Missions

    Ok, I have the next problem... I've placed 3 AI civilians (civ1, civ2 and civ3) and 6 invisible helipads (marker1, marker2,... marker6) I ran the following code in the debug console in the SP mission: if (isServer) then { _markers = ["marker1", "marker2", "marker3", "marker4", "marker5", "marker6"] call bis_fnc_selectRandom; _civ = ["civ1", "civ2", "civ3"] call bis_fnc_selectRandom; _civ setPos (getPos _markers); }; And I get "Error Invalid number in expression"
  4. PabloSalto

    Random SAR Missions

    Thanks a lot guys! I'm going to start testing these things in the editor to see what I can achieve
  5. PabloSalto

    Random SAR Missions

    Yup, That's exactly what I need
  6. I am creating a cooperative mission to play in multiplayer where me and my friends can assume the role of pilots and rescue medics, so what I need is a script or a way that when starting the mission a unit (civilian wounded) appears in a random place and you have to go rescue him, kinda medevac missions. Ideally, as a requirement to complete the mission, the civilian should be left in a hospital or at the main base. I've been editing missions for a long time, but I'm very new to scripts and things like that. I need your help guys. Thanks!
  7. PabloSalto

    dezkit's Bell 206 helicopter

    The B206 spawns underground via zeus or eden editor, also some times the floating skids didnt work in the SAR B206 :c
  8. Hello guys... A little context, I was editing a mission using "MOD MLV PROYECTO 1982" and then I realize that units wearing mod uniforms and helmets are immortal if you shot at them (tried every weapon), this only happens when the ace mod is loaded. The point is I need to create a mod to fix this compatibility issue with the addon "MOD MLV PROYECTO 1982", is there a code template or something? Please help ACE https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=463939057 MOD MLV PROYECTO 1982 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1266670664 Mission file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L1jxLbMwtTdyiX0fhG7xRItTXWlXlbWh/view?usp=sharing Addons preset for the mission https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dP-cbQc8G8BulpdwhVYsSvsTY1MdORgh/view?usp=sharing