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    Baby Faces by Hautautuja

    The addon is out now. Here's the download link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2506646755 Thanks everyone! 🙂 Please tell me if you encounter some issues.
  2. Hautautujaaa

    Baby Faces by Hautautuja

    Thank you very much. If I hadn't already figured out you can use Mikero's deRapify for that, that would've been an absolute lifesaver. I managed to create .rvmats for couple characters that were not wildly off, but still not as good as the originals and it literally took an entire day to do so. But you know what they say − work hard not smart. 😆 Now that I can use the original .rvmats the release should be around corner − writing those configs won't take long. Stay tuned and thanks everyone for the support. 😉 E: The configs are now ready for the most part, still couple errors and have to clean up some things. Expect release at some point during the weekend.
  3. Hautautujaaa

    Baby Faces by Hautautuja

    Thanks krzychuzokecia. Works great, however, it seems I need to create custom RVMATs as the paths for the bump map and other maps are defined there. After that is done everything should be a breeze. Is there a way to convert vanilla RVMATs to a readable format to use them as a template?
  4. Ahoy mates. In case anyone else has been bothered that the characters in Arma III are exclusively scruffy middle-aged men, I went through every vanilla and Apex face and adjusted textures and normal maps to make them appear younger and gave them a proper shave as well. Imgur collection to get an idea: https://imgur.com/a/tAi5KPu I haven't written any configs to turn this into an actual mod, so I will just drop the raw files here for now. If someone finds this interesting enough to go through the hurdle of writing configs, please PM me. E: It's out now: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2506646755 Thanks everyone! And special thanks to krzychuzokecia.
  5. Thanks for the effort, I really mean that, but it seems you did not pay much attention: "Using commandGetOut and doGetOut in the Transport Unload waypoint activation field. " Neither of them worked, probably because there are checks in place for AI at what height and speed they can dismount the vehicle. The problem was that the AI pilot would eject the player first automatically, then take off immediately and hover above the landing zone. MoveOut worked because it just splurts out the units no matter what. To eject units one by one you can use this _unit action ["Eject", _vehicle _unit] However neither of those really fixed the problem – the AI pilot randomly failing to check if the units in player group are still in the vehicle before taking off. "I already tested running the scenario without mods that I could disable. In other words I ran it with CBA_A3, Eden Enhanced, S&S and ToH characters." None of those should alter FSM behavior at all. ///// That said, I already found a solution that works in my case just fine. See the posts above. I forgot to update the title but it should be updated now. Also thanks for W0lle for the Ghost's script. It is useful to have more options.
  6. That might be it, will test asap and let you know. Thanks 😉 E: It kind of worked, but I found a solution that in this case is simpler and easier to setup – just separate player from the group and make him join again with a trigger after the landing. That way the AI pilot will wait the AI units to dismount normally. The problem was that I couldn't make the AI pilot wait on the ground no matter what. The moment the player was out, it would took off and hover on top of the landing zone. That kind of was the issue with the moveOut command as well.
  7. I have searched many hours already for an answer and will continue to do so. Decided to make a thread just in case someone has encountered a similar issue or alternatively let others know the solution if I ever happen to find one. However, thanks for the suggestion, I will look through Gunter's thread as well. Maybe I should have provided a bit more background information. The map is Virtual Reality and I'm using invisible helipad for the landing zone. There are no enemy units and the behavior mode is set to careless. The scenario is really just for testing purposes, because I don't want to start creating a full-blown scenario and run to these kinds of issues midway through. I'm running SOG Prairie Fire and the following mods: CBA_A3 3DEden Enhanced Dynasound 2 (might be unnecessary though, considering SOGPF probably has new sounds for almost everything) Enhanced Soundscape LAMBS_Danger.fsm LAMBS_Suppression Suppress ToH Characters CUP Terrains - core (forgot to deactivate) WW2 Objects (forgot to deactivate) DEVGRU K-9 C.A.S.T. v1.8.1 S&S Advanced AI Command I already tested running the scenario without mods that I could disable. In other words I ran it with CBA_A3, Eden Enhanced, S&S and ToH characters. The issue still persisted, so mods probably are not the cause of the issue. Unless the mods I had enabled previously saved code to the mission file, but I don't think that is possible... correct me if I'm wrong though. //// I don't recall having this issue before I created intro.sqs to test cutscenes. I used the BIS_fnc_cameraOld function. The helicopter starts in the air, but I have disabled simulation for the duration of the cutscene and using trigger to re-enable it. I also tested transport unload waypoint on a completely fresh scenario and it worked like expected – the player unit is ejected automatically, but the AI pilot waits on the ground until player orders his squad to disembark. However I really want to find the reason why the issue occurred so I can avoid or work around it in the future. At this point it seems more like an obscure bug than a mistake on my end. 🤔
  8. It's been a while since I have used Arma III editor. Have been toying around in the editor, setting up tasks and creating a template for scenario structure. For some reason I can't find reliable way to make AI pilot unload player group. I know that the Transport Unload waypoint only dismounts the player (when used for player group) and you have to command your squad to dismount, but 50-50 time the helicopter takes off before I can issue any commands. The result seems to be different every time, like completely random. This is what I have tried: 1) Creating Get Out waypoint for player group, with and without synchronization with the helicopter waypoint. 2) Using commandGetOut and doGetOut in the Transport Unload waypoint activation field. 3) Using !(_unit in _vehicle) in the condition field. What is the best and correct way to go about this? I thought I had it working, but for some bizarre reason after I created intro it broke down (maybe because I disable and re-enable simulation?) and now I can't get any kind of reliable results. 😆 (It seems to be working now after I rebooted the game, but I haven't tested it more than once. Disabled Advanced Rappelling that I had accidentally left activated. Hopefully that was the cause of the issues and the problem is now solved. I'll update this post. ) E: Nope, still not fixed. Tested it again and the pilot took off immediately. What a bizarre problem. E2: Honestly, what the f----- is this problem about. Everything I do works just as you would expect, but after running the scenario multiple times it breaks and won't start working again until I change something or reboot the game. E3: Solved. See comments below for possible solutions.
  9. Hautautujaaa

    Questions: SOG Prairie Fire

    It is okay. Some areas are not accessible by default, but there are new invisible paths for infantry you can place in editor and they work fine – at least by Arma standards. They are somewhat wide, so if you need to have AI follow very narrow path, you can use the old method of using the training obstacle bridge placed just below the ground and turned invisible. What comes to vehicles, this is still Arma III we are talking about. The AI can sort of navigate the urban environments in safe behavior mode without crashing too much, but if they encounter other roads users or become engaged in combat they will crash each other, get stuck and all the usual. On rivers boats zig-zag all over the place and will accidentally beach the vehicle almost immediately. Forget the idea of dynamic boat patrol missions with AI. Considering it took over 10 years for Bohemia to make AI pilots competent enough to be usable, maybe in Arma IV we will see AI that can navigate waters. Add another 10 years and maybe then, finally, we have AI that can drive and fight with land vehicles. 😆
  10. Hautautujaaa

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Reddish dirt texture decals for blending the SOG Prairie Fire fortifications with the ground. Also rocks (those five smallish boulders) and vanilla craters (small, medium, large) with similar reddish color. To make it possible to hide seams and create compositions that look more 2021 than 2011. 🙂
  11. No problems mate! On a positive note, C.A.S.T. should be compatible with ACE3, right? I had to disable it because it was incompatible with PiR, but now that it is out of the picture I might re-enable ACE3 again. As much as I'm going to miss the hit animations of PiR, your mod is invaluable for my Arma experience. 😆
  12. I noticed this is no longer compatible with Project Injury Reaction – or at least the option to disable idle animations / weapon lowering when crouching does not work. To be fair mods that mess with similar things tend to conflict with each other, but a couple months back they seemed to work perfectly fine together and I didn't experience any issues. I have pondered for couple days which one I should disable, but if you are still around and at some point have some free time to dedicate for it, the best solution of course would be a compatibility patch. The PiR developer seems to update the mod quite often, so I would make sure to take backup copies of both in order not to run into similar kind of trouble any time soon.