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  1. That's a good one IMHO, because it's easy to count on your teammates and rush stupidly especially with a tent near (if you planed your assault well 😉 ). In the same idea, I wondered if it could be possible to let some of our IAs die after too many "deaths" to avoid the "we are enough in the center of an assault place to die repeatedly till the enemy was bored enough so we counter attack" situation (lived once 🙄 ).
  2. Hello! You need to play as commander and login as admin.
  3. Hello! Great update, thanx! I still haven't found the mission responsible for the side mission's slowdowns, that's occurring randomly when missions start but are not chosen. I must investigate further but don't have much time at the moment.
  4. Sorry, I forgot the files of the root. Here is a list of the files you should get. addons (folder) GREUH (folder) mod_template (folder) R3F_LOG (folder) res (folder) scripts (folder) ui (folder) compute_position.sqf COPYING.md description.ext fixed_position.sqf gameplay_constants.sqf init.sqf liberation.jpg liberation.png mission.sqm mission_param.cfg onPlayerRespawn.sqf README.md stringtable.xml whitelist.sqf
  5. Hello saddle! Have you launched the mission directly in the editor from the "Liberation-RX-master" folder? If so, to make it work from EDEN you have to previously make a folder "Liberation-RX.Altis" (or another name) then put into it the content of the "core-liberation" folder and add the 4 file from the "maps\Liberation_RX.Altis" folder. Same thing for any other map. The folder "Liberation-RX-master" you got from Github is kind of a "compiler" that regroups the files for each map before generating the .pbo(s). I'm editing this mission for a while now and it's working perfectly from EDEN (with reduced perf' compared to a real server though, but that's another topic). And don't forget the files of the Liberation-RX-Master root! (you can ignore .gitignore I think). (edited) Cheers!
  6. Hello! I finally got it working, the save system is working very well (though I have no success in using the user key for rpt dump). Putting the automatic versions of turrets in AI was a very good suggestion! It got them really useful for small teams. We kept SAM/radars/CRAM as "hackable" because this way they can be controllable via drone console at distance and that can also help to defend (and the players have to organize a bit their tasks to activate them first). While testing our "tertiary tasks" system for the common pool, we encountered a huge server fps drop down after a few hours of game. So we removed it to check the issue but there is still this problem at a moment (on a 1/4 conquered Altis). Actually it seems to be related with the occurrence of the "secret" missions (the ones that are marked with red hatching on the map). At the moment of the mission starts the fps seems to be cut in half causing an almost unplayable state until we reboot. Are we alone to encounter that issue? (we investigate in our changes to see if it could be a conflict but we prefer to ask in case it was a known limitation). Thanx again for all the good work, this mission is the one we definitely play the most! Cheers!
  7. Hi, I thought that was reserved for "non-crewed" vehicles, that could be interesting to ask them what they want there... I already added the automatic versions of the HMG and GMG turrets, which avoid them spending too much time hacking those at server start to get functional minimal defenses (with 92% the AI hit pretty hard on FOB counter-attacks now, and para are not rare...). Thanx!
  8. Thank you for all this, I'll try to set up that and see what I can do with that option. The players asked for the possibility to buy an autonomous little defensive force for the FOB when they are in very far operation, I've made a "Deploy defensive force" action that spawn a little squad, using this common pool. They also can buy air-supremacy this way, which will force them to make choices (complete task for pool points / air-support or defend the fob better / concentrate on side missions / focus on the map objectives... ). All we like of Liberation concept. Thanx again for all this good work!
  9. Hi, yeah seems that's related to the tweaking in the used variables, I reset everything to 1 and that's working perfectly (nice features by the way we love it!). About tweaking, as I'm not good at too elaborated scripting (probably a bit too old for the weird way of BIS script), I used some modules to add some simple features to Liberation. One of them allows me to use a common pool of points for players, earned with simple tasks assigned by a virtual HQ (way simplistic than your very cool side missions). Those points can be used by players for air support (mainly) in a global way. I actually replaced the Air Supremacy with an Arsenal drop, and put air support in more classical radio requests (because the price of Air Sup' is way too much for a small team and doesn't last more than 3mn because of their incompetence 😉 ). My main problem is to make the pool variable persistent, I have issues figuring out how your save_manager script work. Any tips?
  10. Hello, I recently encountered some issues when my players reached the "Bête Noire" event... At first it was working nicely but recently I've got this message in rpt : 13:33:47 Error in expression <sleeptime = (1800 + floor(random 1800)) / (([] call F_adaptiveOpforFactor) * GR> 13:33:47 Error position: </ (([] call F_adaptiveOpforFactor) * GR> 13:33:47 Error Zero divisor If I read well the GR is for GRLIB_csat_aggressivity, could it be the cause of the issue (set on 0.5)? After a moment, the event finally spawned dozen of helis with para troops on the player in continuous waves! Unplayable, mainly because of the framerate. Seems the event never finish spawning. But I also discovered some issues with the sleep function in other scripts, maybe because of a MOD?
  11. Thanx for your answer, that would be great! I'll look for this update for sure, we enjoy this nice module a lot.
  12. Ah ok, my bad, MGI advanced air support had this option, so I had a dream... Yes, BIS modules are ok for that and I used them a bit but they lack the immersion level and the sense of details of HAS (that I really enjoy). The idea for the init or action script field came from some modules which include them (DMP, MGI...). That helps to make some really interesting things to personalize the use of modules. Thanx anyway!
  13. Oh! you mean by synchronizing a BIS air support module to HAS, between the linked helo and HAS? I'll try that! Thanx!
  14. Hello, as said in the steam workshop thread, great mod! We are using the module with some success on a little test server based on Liberation RX with a carrier. We only can use RTB to get the helicopters to land correctly (we placed several heliports LZ with enough space to avoid a collision at maximum), but's it is working quite nicely. We, of course, can't use other orders touchdown or fastrope as the carrier is on the sea. I saw some good news above with some interesting approaches to solve the problem of the "sea". In that regard, the Advanced Transport MGI module has some good options to hover the sea ( but less options for our needs, so we prefer HAS ). We also encountered a concern relating to the lack of an option to configure the init field of the helicopters synchronized with the module. The one synched and spawned at start got his appearance and init correctly activated, but as soon as it is replaced by the mod, it's a new version of the helicopter, with default appearance and no init script... A field in the module for activating a script at spawn like the BIS air support could be helpful there (instead of tracking the respawned choppers to force them to the good state).
  15. Hello! Great modifications! If I understand well, it's easier to edit factions and arsenal lists with the files in the mod_template folder. And now it's possible to play the sides we want! very cool! For the testing part, I don't know if it's an issue from our server but last day we were attacked and one of our FOBs was destroyed by nasty air attacks but even with the building totally wiped out, the "virtual" FOB was still there! So we were able to spawn on it, then simply repack and redeploy it. Thanx again for all your work on this mission pack, it's awesome!