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    [RELEASE] STALKER-like anomalies

    Greetings Stalkers! Diwako, what you think about adding a emission script that can work with ACE3, based in the original emission from STALKER Call of Pripyat. I know that we have the Namalsk script, but it's old and don't work in the same way as the original version from stalker. In the game, we have npcs warning us in the radio and you can see others npcs running to find cover (you can make this work based in the one that makes the vampires take cover during the day).
  2. Good day/night. At the moment i'm trying to make a co-op S.T.A.L.K.E.R survival mission with ACE3 for my group, and there are only RPservers mods that only allows you to play in their servers and don't let you play with ACE3. So I chose to use a mod from the workshop posted by sir.ghostington (He took the mutants from a dead RPserver mod that don't let the ace work), but I have a problem, the mutants don't understand the ACE3's damage. So, what should I do to make the mutants work with ACE3 ? How can I create a patch for this mod? (I don't know so much about scripting but I have some tools)