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  1. bigbamboo12

    Universal Door Code Lock

    Sorry but I didn't understand what I should do to be able to download the material
  2. bigbamboo12


    sorry, but it seems that nobody can help me
  3. bigbamboo12


    I'll try
  4. bigbamboo12


    Hello, gokitty199 had created and posted the door code lock script which was beautiful, but it is no longer downloadable anywhere, how can I find it? Thanks
  5. bigbamboo12

    Universal Door Code Lock

    hello, the post is now old but I would need this beautiful script, but it is no longer downloadable, how can I do to get it? help me please, thank you
  6. bigbamboo12

    AI interaction

    Maff it seems this is what i am looking for, i will try, thanks Wogz187 i will also try your suggestion, thanks
  7. Hi, I saw that it is possible to create an interaction with the AI that opens a window with pre-set text questions to do to the AI that generate pre-set answers, but I don't know how to create it, but it is very interesting as what , does anyone have any information?
  8. Good morning everyone, I have a huge problem that the server support is not solving. In short I bought a space on a server (Gportal) after uploading my map with Filezilla that I have to use on that server space and the mods that use that map and that will be needed by me and my friends to play, I tried to connect to the server, Arma 3 sees the server on line but when I try to connect it creates a list of mods where it says that I either delete them or update the keys, obviously then it kicks me out, I have already read about people who have had the same problem but for now with the information I found around I have not solved anything, so I tried to import all the Bikey mods in the keys folder of the server, nothing, I imported the same keys also in the keys folder of my computer but nothing, I changed the values of battleye and verify signatures to 0, but nothing and in this regard I noticed that when I change the value of the verify signature on the server.cfg file of the server putting it to 0, as long as the server is disabled it keeps the value, when the serv er goes online it automatically resets 1 and then re-checks the bikey and blocks me. Also, despite entering all the correct parameters to connect to the server with EPM Rcon does not connect, is it necessary to connect with this tool or not? Please help me because this situation is frustrating. Thanks a lot to everyone for any suggestions