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  1. I would like to check if the officer (HVT) has disembarked the chopper and are on the ground. IsTouchingGround cannot be used for him? If he has exited the chopper then I would like to continue. Not landing in combat ambiance this chopper 🙂 Here is what is used to make the chopper land: _wp1 = _crew1 addWaypoint [(getmarkerpos "marker2"), 0]; _wp1 setWaypointType "TR UNLOAD"; _wp1 setWaypointSpeed "LIMITED"; _wp1 setwaypointstatements [ "true" ,"this land 'land'"];
  2. Spawning in chopper works like a charm now! Thanks alot. No onward to next thing I have tinkered with that I cant seem to understand. Just a simple "isTouchingGround". I want to check if HVT has landed on ground from the chopper and then do a "doMove" so he doesnt stand still like a retard waiting to get shot. Here is the code: //CHECK IF HVT HAS LANDED _hvtWalking = isTouchingGround hvt; //SIMPLE CHECK IF SYNTAX WORKING if(_hvtWalking) then { hint "HVT IS TOUCHING GROUND"; hvt doMove (getMarkerPos "markerHvtGo" ); }; // SIMPLE CHECK IF SYNTAX IS NOT WORKING if (isNil "_hvtWalking") then { hint "NOT REGISTRATING HVT LANDED"}; I cant seem to get a return from either the "it worked" check nor the "it didnt work" check. I dont understand. This should be really simple 😂 No errors when I start the mission.
  3. But createUnit does not have a return value? I would like to check later if hvt is dead with !alive hvt
  4. Hm, unit wont go in chopper with this script. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Needless to say, I am very new to scripting but having a blast nonetheless. I made hvt a global variable for it to be available in another script. Any help is much appreciated
  5. Kjeksen1987

    Ryzen 7 5800X, 6800 XT, and low FPS.

    Noticed a good avg. 20 fps boost going from 1070 to a Rx6800xt 319 merc. Now when i display gpu usage and cpu usage ingame the gpu is rarely over 15-20% usage on everything ultra. My cpu however sees a 70-80-90% load on 1 core. Rest of the cores are at 20-30%. Cpu is a i5 9600k @ 5200ghz. Look at your resource usage ingame. Also the amount of mods may degrade your performance.
  6. Hello good people. New on the forum, and relatively new to Arma. Stumbled uppon a video on youtube that looked absolutely amazing. Particulary the light effects from missiles. Link to video: Arma 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ED8YD6FNAI What mods might be used here? I use Blastcore and enhanced missile smoke and fx, but not nearly as light up from SAM like this. Any pointers on how they achieved this? Looks astounding.