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  1. Hm, unit wont go in chopper with this script. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Needless to say, I am very new to scripting but having a blast nonetheless. I made hvt a global variable for it to be available in another script. Any help is much appreciated
  2. I would like to check if the officer (HVT) has disembarked the chopper and are on the ground. IsTouchingGround cannot be used for him? If he has exited the chopper then I would like to continue. Not landing in combat ambiance this chopper 🙂 Here is what is used to make the chopper land: _wp1 = _crew1 addWaypoint [(getmarkerpos "marker2"), 0]; _wp1 setWaypointType "TR UNLOAD"; _wp1 setWaypointSpeed "LIMITED"; _wp1 setwaypointstatements [ "true" ,"this land 'land'"];
  3. Spawning in chopper works like a charm now! Thanks alot. No onward to next thing I have tinkered with that I cant seem to understand. Just a simple "isTouchingGround". I want to check if HVT has landed on ground from the chopper and then do a "doMove" so he doesnt stand still like a retard waiting to get shot. Here is the code: //CHECK IF HVT HAS LANDED _hvtWalking = isTouchingGround hvt; //SIMPLE CHECK IF SYNTAX WORKING if(_hvtWalking) then { hint "HVT IS TOUCHING GROUND"; hvt doMove (getMarkerPos "markerHvtGo" ); }; // SIMPLE CHECK IF SYNTAX IS NOT WORKING if (isNil "_hvtWalking") then { hint "NOT REGISTRATING HVT LANDED"}; I cant seem to get a return from either the "it worked" check nor the "it didnt work" check. I dont understand. This should be really simple 😂 No errors when I start the mission.
  4. But createUnit does not have a return value? I would like to check later if hvt is dead with !alive hvt
  5. Kjeksen1987

    Ryzen 7 5800X, 6800 XT, and low FPS.

    Noticed a good avg. 20 fps boost going from 1070 to a Rx6800xt 319 merc. Now when i display gpu usage and cpu usage ingame the gpu is rarely over 15-20% usage on everything ultra. My cpu however sees a 70-80-90% load on 1 core. Rest of the cores are at 20-30%. Cpu is a i5 9600k @ 5200ghz. Look at your resource usage ingame. Also the amount of mods may degrade your performance.
  6. Hello good people. New on the forum, and relatively new to Arma. Stumbled uppon a video on youtube that looked absolutely amazing. Particulary the light effects from missiles. Link to video: Arma 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ED8YD6FNAI What mods might be used here? I use Blastcore and enhanced missile smoke and fx, but not nearly as light up from SAM like this. Any pointers on how they achieved this? Looks astounding.