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    Takistani V3s passenger seat problem

    Right now I'm going to deactivate all the mods I have and try to get on as a passenger, then if it works I will add the mods one by one to see who causes the problem.
  2. Crack Claker

    Takistani V3s passenger seat problem

    There is no solution for this problem? I can sit as a passenger in all the factions with V3s, but the only faction with V3s that won't let me is in Takistan. A pity that there is no solution. 😞
  3. Hello, I have always followed the Armaverse from OFP to ArmA 2 OA, I never had the opportunity to play ArmA 3 but well that's not the case, The problem is in the vehicle "V3s" from Takistan, The problem is that it does not have a seat passenger and when I try to play as a passenger it does not appear, Only "player" appears, I do not know if it is a problem with my ArmA 2 OA or I do not know, But I tried the Chernarus Guerilla V3s and if it has a passenger seat, The truth is that I always wanted use Takistan completely but with the problem I have with its V3s it disappoints me: / I know that no one is playing this game and I don't think anyone answers but at least I try to report this problem, If someone knows please explain it to me step by step because I am not that good at scripts and stuff, I only do simple missions, Thank you very much!