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  1. SwingLifeAway85

    Final Thoughts On Season 8?

    As the season comes to an end just wondered what people thought about it? Personally I've really enjoyed the Season, I was a little unsure with the crate xp nerfs at the start but im over that now 😄. I've really enjoyed the extra in game XP boosts for kills/POI etc. I feel its made the game more enjoyable and I've found myself going for more kills etc as a result. I feel it made up for the crate nerfing. As a result I haven't found myself playing Shootout anymore as I'm not bothered about the extra crates. I've also enjoyed the length of this season, I know it might not be popular to everyone but I have found it great. I dont get as much time as I'd like on my xbox nowadays and Its always a tight struggle to complete the battle pass etc as a result. Whereas this time round its been a more enjoyable experience. The legacy season aspect has also been a great addition. I didn't start playing until around end of season 4/begin of season 5 so a chance to go back over and pick up stuff I've missed is another good reason for me to continue playing after reaching level 50 this time round. I mean dont get me wrong I've earned a lot of weapon plans from grinding away anyway but its good to know that I have an alternative way of now getting them. All in all I've really enjoyed it and I think the Devs have done a good job...something that isn't always said a lot on here... so just wanted to say well done to them.
  2. SwingLifeAway85

    Charity box / food donations

    In the past year I've played this game, this has always been the case for me from what I remember. I'm the only one of my friends who still play this game, I put 10000 food in the box every week and my total is still below theres. I'm not sure if its ever updated since I first played it. Would be nice to see what I've donated over the time.
  3. SwingLifeAway85

    Airdrop Stealth

    Is it just me or does using stealth on a com station no longer work? I always put it on but since the 8.1 update it always still just shows me on the map when I pick up the airdrop. It evens comes along the screen still telling me that "other outlander will periodically see me on the map" as if it hasn't been activated. Hoping its not just me or that I haven't just missed the notes saying this is the case.
  4. SwingLifeAway85

    My Wish List/ Suggestions

    Some great ideas here. Well done for the effort and though gone into it. Hopefully see some of these ideas come into play 😁
  5. SwingLifeAway85

    Cloud server issue

    I'm also having this issue today mate. Once I was kicked back to shelter screen it just wouldn't connect back up. Now literally been in a game Brodalen Bridges... game played fine until I got the airdrop and then kicked back to shelter as I was about 10 m off exit. Lost the xp, the airdrop and my daily challenge obviously didn't complete. Wouldnt care the games been great recently really enjoying again, so hopefully it'll be sorted soon.
  6. SwingLifeAway85

    Prep work for season 8

    I see they've also nerfed the Battle Pass XP boosts you get every 5 levels which is a shame. I definitely won't be seeing level 50 this season, especially with crate XP nerfed as well. It was a hard enough grind for me the past few seasons as I just dont have the time to put into the game but this time it looks as though it'll be impossible...unless they've lowered the level XP requirements...but I think I'm just dreaming there 🤣
  7. SwingLifeAway85

    New idea

    Well I didnt realise that thanks for the info 🙂
  8. SwingLifeAway85

    New idea

    I like the sound of this idea, would be useful to be able to trade consumables and ammo. Been a few times where I really could've done with a bandage and not been able to get one and my team mates have had them just no way of giving me it. If playing as a team then it would just make sense really.
  9. SwingLifeAway85

    Challenges bug?

    I've had this problem a few times... you need to clear/complete all 3 challenges and then it should sort itself out. Dont know why the game does it, but it does lol
  10. SwingLifeAway85

    Season 7 first impressions

    Couldn't agree more, well said 😁
  11. SwingLifeAway85

    Season 7 first impressions

    I've just played a couple more games there and I also noticed that there weren't any lockable exits anymore. But as with you no idea why 🤔
  12. SwingLifeAway85

    Season 7 first impressions

    I agree with this, only played a handful of games tonight and feel a bit let down and bored by the lack of points in the maps now. Was really looking forward to the new update too so this a shame. Finding shootout a bit of a pain too, the new weapons aren't great in my opinion and I seem to just get the same couple everytime I spawn, like same gun 4 times in a row. Still haven't fixed the issue with not getting food/xp in shootout either so unless you come top 3 there's no reward.