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  1. Cor_Vex

    Campers/Mortar Strikes/Alarm - DISTRACTING

    I completely agree with you! I cannot hear clearly whats going around me when the alarm and mortar is going off even when I'm quite far away!Not talking about when you are in the middle of gunfight!
  2. Hello! I think that one thing in this game is underrated and not getting used enough in the current Meta of the Game is the burried Cache on the map! What I would like to see is if you could bring up a picture location on the map when used a signal detector etc! It might increase duration and interest for an encounter and equal chances and usefullnes for the loot when going in the game! Thank you!
  3. Cor_Vex

    Problem on ps4

    Yes!I have the same thing!It doesn't show "Collecting Players" It goes straight to "Encounter Start" countdown.And players not loading in!And Lobby is boosted to 150% and shows them 2 boxes like you mentioned!Then you can tell straight away that it's gonna throw you out of the game! It started happening last week for me!
  4. I would suggest to just mark campers on the map instead of mortar strike!Similar when you pick up an airdrop have a marker on a compass only with the "Camper" specific icon and constant so everyone could see his location for a specific amount of time!And with special notification text or sound to bring attention to the outlanders that the camper has been detected! I just had an issue with mortar striked camperd the other day.They went for safe in "Batterie" map.And we saw them going inside.So they were pinned down by us inside the Room where the normally the loot spawns on that map.So obviously they had mortar strike because they were pinned in the room!And we had to retreat because mortar striked the area outside the room where we were located!So they were even safer inside than the others around the area itself!
  5. Cor_Vex

    Season 7 first impressions

    I think that those ideas are not bad and are worth considering! My favourite one is with the scanner on airdrop and proximity alarm! But I would suggest if you apply such a big thing for an airdrop, you could actually need to pay with resources to apply!Nothing big maybe 2 electronics or 2 wire!What do you think?!
  6. Cor_Vex

    Devs please explain

    I understand what you are saying, Grontheim is one of my favourite maps.The "bridges" is the second one! It's a shame that this is an issue now that you have to do that!
  7. Cor_Vex

    Devs please explain

    NO ONE is going to boost the lobby now because the risk of dying is too high now because you are going to loose crowns anyway if you die OR just get a really bad spawn location in first place!Not talking about how this is for the players that are new to the game!
  8. Cor_Vex

    Devs please explain

    It happened to me yesterday!Grontheim Valley the map! I spawned on the other side of the map and the lootable "Container" was completely on the opposite side.I didn't even manage to run half way across the map when someone just shot the locks, got all the Loot.And guess what-The exit was just behind him,so he just left!The encounter was over in few minutes.
  9. Cor_Vex

    List of PS4 Bugs

    Hello!First of all I wanted to say thank you for bringing this game to ps4!I really do love it! I wanted to mention that I have met all the same issues that are mentioned above on my ps4 while playing the game since it's release! And I had one more bug yesterday on the map "Viktorsen station" while looting the blue "locked" crate in the shed.We went TRIO in the game. There was 2 Rifles between the loot in the crate so I left them to my teammate because it was his fav weapon.But when he opened the crate one of the rifles were gone! It just dissapeared so to speak.And when I opened the chest again I couldn't see it too. Its nothing game breaking and really was not a thing for a concern to us.Just wanted to let you know! Thanks for reading!