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  1. onemanwolfp4k

    Season 8 Theme

    @Matthew Aiken I agree there would be people that would be more prone to camping if the glint were removed BUT you still have to hit your shots lol. In case you were wondering my weapons of choice are the M16, any of the AK's or RPK. But occasionally i like to try to take things from a far. Im pretty new when it comes to when i started playing (November 2020) but i log in and play a few just about everyday. I see your name a lot on here so i figure you have logged quite a few hours. Its def not a gamebreaker for me to have glint in the game. was just curious as to others thoughts about this.
  2. onemanwolfp4k

    Season 8 Theme

    So I read the Season 8 updates and I wanted to ask a question for the Devs or anyone who may have asked this in the past. For a game built around stealth why is there a glint on scoped weapons? I understand there is a coating used on sniper scopes that prevent glare although I am not sure when this started being used. The glint on scoped weapons is very noticeable and really gives away position. Have you Devs ever thought about removing this from the game? Is there anyone else that would like to see the glint removed?
  3. onemanwolfp4k

    Aniti camping in a game based on stealth and hiding wtf

    @OLIVIA232425 me and a buddy play quite a bit and if you ever find yourself solo you can join us. we loot first and fight when needed. there are times we are just in a fighting mood but like being stealthy about it but those days are few and far between. we are on xbox.
  4. onemanwolfp4k

    Shelter idea

    This would be a great way to extend the endgame content for those that have built almost everything. Could do make it where different themes or options used different materials that way there was still a purpose for everyone to loot. Every room could have a different esthetic. Could change everything from the floors, furniture, and walls. Even offer options for the exterior.
  5. onemanwolfp4k

    Don’t Nerf the Rafica, Bohemia

    i have yet to use the rafika. should i start lol
  6. onemanwolfp4k

    New idea

    @SwingLifeAway85 I didnt realize you could until my buddy yelled at me telling me to be still so he could heal me lol. i found out maybe a week or so before you posted your comment haha. stay safe outlander
  7. onemanwolfp4k

    New idea

    @SwingLifeAway85 a teammate can heal you during an encounter. have to be close together and the teammate needs to equip the consumable and it will heal you. best of luck to you and your buddy in the future.
  8. onemanwolfp4k

    Extraction unharmed....

    I have an idea and would like to hear what others think as well.... In the event you are able to leave an encounter unharmed, whether its bc you didnt see anyone or you won the gun fight without taking damage and wearing an armor plate you should be able to keep that plate in inventory. You are able to leave with any ammo that is in your gun along with unused ammo, unused signal detectors, and other consumables so why not be able to leave with everything that is unused even if its equipped on your person as you extract?
  9. onemanwolfp4k

    Aniti camping in a game based on stealth and hiding wtf

    I dont think ive ever been a victim of exit camping thanks to the crows (which i feel is enough a warning to proceed with caution) but the mortar strikes seem insanely stupid to me. if i am running solo and ik im in a lobby with teams of 2 or 3 then i will camp out a building or whatever until im able to tell how many are around me then attack when/where necessary. i do like to run around more than most but my goal is loot over kills. since there is really only 1 poi now i run around to vehicles and houses trying to stock up. i will agree that this game is built on stealth and moving slowly or from cover to cover. if a person stays in one spot the entire encounter then maybe find another way to punish those types but if im outnumbered 3 to 1 i shouldnt be punished with a mortar strike bc im not moving very much. agreed cod players need to stick to cod and leave this game as is.
  10. onemanwolfp4k


    I personally do not mind the recoil. Im new, just started playing in the middle of November. Yes it was very frustrating at first but burst firing guns or even going to single fire helped me a ton. I like the recoil bc it feels real. Any gun you shoot that is full auto will be hard to tame. Gunplay was a nice change from the COD's and other shooters where recoil is minimal. There is a shooting range for a reason lol and I have been there plenty of times! Again i would say make this YOUR game!
  11. onemanwolfp4k

    I'm New

    So I started playing this game around the middle of November as a friend got me to try it out (he is a founder). Initially I was not a fan of the shooting bc the recoil felt horrible lol. Felt like you had to start at their feet just to hit their chest. BUT I kept playing and started to like the shooting mechanics bc there has to be some skill involved. You cant run around like COD and drop people, it actually takes a little strategy in planning how you take your shots. I enjoy going from single fire for long distance shots to full auto for the closer encounters. I do hate the movement when trying to vault or climb hilly terrain bc jumps you think you should be able to make you cant. i enjoy the gameplay for the most part bc there isnt a strong aim assist. I seen in one of the other comments about duos vs trios and I personally dont have an issue with this bc i feel like it adds to the intensity of the encounter. Do you buy insurance, do you risk it all and keep a low profile, do you scope out your enemies and try to pick apart the enemy right after their gunfight. My partner and I have been fortunate enough to eliminate quite a few trios and it feels great when you do, but is equally depressing when you get dropped by the third after downing 2 of 3. With me being new i dont know how the game played early on but i would say dont cater to new players as someone else mentioned in another post. Make people adjust to YOUR game. Make YOUR game stand out from the crowd. If there are glitches then yes please address those but I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Norway since picking this up. I like the variety of weapons although more could be brought in. Gun customization could be something you explore outside of skins, I love the AUR sniper but hate the scope for it. Maybe be able to craft certain attachments for the weapon of your choice? Definitely enjoy the game and i hope you continue to support it and look forward to playing more.