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  1. zcdias

    head protection consumable

    side note: im always with plate armor when this happens, makes things even more insane.
  2. Is there any plan for head protection? maybe a gold rarity consumable that lets you live 1 headshot? i know that the headshot kill mechanic was supposed to be skill based, but... how do i say this... well... 90% of the time my deaths per headshots are people with white rarity guns spraying and praying, sometimes is laughable, you start shooting, the game lags a little {always right? im a switch user vs xbox players} and the dude simply turns on me and the first bullet of his luger {he probably didnt even aimed that shot} kills me.... yeah, i think thats a problem, im unlucky i know, but some play sessions i basically only die like this over and over... its depressing as hell.... give me a freaking ballistic helmet BOHEMIA!!!!!!!
  3. im almost doing the same here, and its a shame cuz the game is really something else, interesting concept. but cmon, i have like 80 hours of experience by now, not even close to the level that i can afford lots of purple and gold tiers weapons and consumables. but the game always pairs me with people who already killed 1000 peoples (they are always using aur hbar and scoped rifles), players who walked million kilometers (like wtf) players who collected 500 air drops... like im still using AKM and Es16 with the newbie clothes LMAO and i have to make a miracle to control the recoil with white tier guns while people beam me with scoped rifles and know my location with portable radar 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. Hello, so ive been playing vigor for some time now, and despite not liking that i cant turn off crossplay (im on nintendo switch) because xbox players have some really unfair advantages overall, i still manage to enjoy the game in some degree, i like the theme and how the game works. However exactly today (some minutes ago) i encountered two duos that didnt engage each other, in other words it was me and me teammate against four players in a squad in a 2-3 player playlist.... i have their names and the hour the game occurred, if you guys could do something to punish this kind of behaviour i would appreciate, the game is already unfair on its own with people abusing purple tier weapons and portable detector hunting down all game, but it can be manageable with good aim and positioning, but four players against two is too much. please ban or do something with these people or i will have no option but to quit this game for this reason. their names are: ASC Wiżárd (capital Z with dot above), ASC RVN, ASC ŃÎČĶ and Marxx. they even use a "clan tag" ahead of their names.... minus this marxx but he is paired with one who has clan tag and must be considered part of the squad.... thats some pathetic stuff.... hour of the game was around 10:30 GMT of 16 November 2020 and they are all switch users too.