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  1. Good day to you soldiers! I am after a team of people to aid me in programme/scripting, altering, map creation and passing around ideas to create a new game mode for Arma III multiplayer. When playing Arma III multiplayer, you never take into consideration the limits of what factions can provide in real life, so I have came up with an idea for a full scale war between CSAT and NATO fighting over Altis with AAF forces stuck in the middle, though rather than the normal game modes on Arma III, I wish to put together a new game mode concentrating on a more strategic approach with a hierarchy on each side, and a currency system which can increase and decrease depending on your logistics teams collecting resources, and if you were to cause collateral damage. The war if won by logistics, not by brute force. I envisage a server of approx. 150/180 players, (60 each for NATO & CSAT and 30 [maybe 60] for AAF) on the server at one time, (BIG MATCH) and as it will be a tournament it will last over a few - six hour days from 1600 to 2359 GMT with a list of rules and requirements, and to negate the risk of non-committed players entering the tournament the server will be locked and only accessible to vetted (kinda) players. Each team will consist of a hierarchy system having one Officer in Command (OC) and his four Commanding Officers (CO's), each CO will be responsible for a quarter of the forces and split between logistics, ground offence, air offence and defence. These 5 will need to keep in constant communication to place orders with logistics, set up defences around FOBs and place minefields, call in airstrikes, and advance the line. Hierarchy & Team layout Officer in Command Confirms/denies orders and procurement of resources, the naysayer of the faction. Only person to speak to the 'Umpire' Logistics Officer Normally have ~11 people under his command (inc. officer, Sgt, 2xCpls, 7x soldiers) Responsible for placing orders of manpower, vehicles, equipment, base equipment etc Collecting resources from around Altis Defence Officer Normally have ~9 people under his command (inc. officer, Sgt, 2xCpls, 5x soldiers) Responsible for installing base defences and setting up FOBs Places down minefields [must keep track of all mines placed and sent to OC] Ground offence Officer Normally have ~38 people under his command (inc. 2xOfficers, 6xSgt,4Cpls,23xSoldiers, 3xCrew Responsible for pushing and disrupting enemy operations Air Offence Officer Normally have ~4 personnel (Officer and 3xPilots) Resources and research There are two types of resources, energy which can be acquired from the wind and solar farms around Altis, and oil that is found at all the petrol/gas stations, each resource returned to your carrier, base or FOBs will be counted by at the end of the game, these will be 'sold' granting additional money for the next day, as well as the bonus expenses, you will also gain favour from your investors which in turn increases the amount they will offer at the beginning of each day. Research can be found at 3 different labs(each have 5x documents), 4 airfields and 4 disused military bases (each have the possibility of having 1x documents) which once returned to the carrier or base can be used to climb the tech tree to have the option of more advanced kit, weapons and vehicles. These are less prominent then large cargo containers and oil drums, the documents will be hidden somewhere in plain sight in structures (much like DAYZ loot). All resources and research will spawn every hour, unless not already taken from marked locations (meaning they will not accumulate if not collected) Logistics With the money gained from resources and investors, the OC and CO's must come up with an order form consisting of how many personnel, weapons, vehicles, defences, etc in which I have done a little research and found the real life equivalent of in game items and their costs, no where near accurate (and this is where I need opinions from a team of people) but still looks like it would make you think when sending in your F-181 which costs ~£72,000,000 and a pilot which costs ~£10,000,000 (over 82% of the investors money alone) into a risky, SAM infested, area, or would it be better to send two squads and 2 APCs which would be approx. £6,500,000. AGAIN numbers aren't 100% accurate but it makes you think twice from a logistical stand point. Everything is priced from 5.56 rounds, a spec ops member with his sniper, to the M5 Scorcher and each individual missile. It will be difficult to overlook every piece of logistics but there will be people out there (including myself) to play a more logistical role in helping the team win by accumulating money and spending it in the right places, as a team. This is just the tip of the iceberg on what I have done so far, so if there is someone out there who would be willing to help out with the scripting especially but other help is most welcome then please let me know, if you wish to know more on this 'project' then let me know and I can show you many many Excel sheets and PowerPoints. Mike Discord: Ravenclaw#5221