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  1. we are a new group currently at 60+ members with 10 people attending per op, who we are: Friendly players with a calm atmosphere who like to have fun, its no problem if you are a little less experienced in the game we will help you 🙂 16+ join requirement, and that's it. no prior experience in arma, modded or otherwise We do our ops primarily Sunday 5pm BST, but we do ops throughout the week including horror ops, Halo, Warhammer 40k and and time period such as cold war or ww2. We run milsim doctrine such as 6-9 lines for JTAC, and other "official" comms techniques such as call for fire using real life format whilst emphasising fun > realism. If you wish to learn zeusing then this is the place, we have our sunday ops and community made in-between throughout the week with a flavour of the month mode (bulwark, antistasi, liberation etc) being persistent on the server. I hope this has peaked your interest in us, feel free to jump into our discord and say hi and maybe play an OP or two with us 😄 Discord: https://discord.gg/BDRmSmu