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  1. same i'm a switch player and this matchmaking is terrible ive played like 8 hours and im being matched with people who are wearing badges saying they have collected 500 air drops
  2. Naeris


    its even worse on switch as the switch joy cons are terrible for first person shooters already
  3. how does one enable these motion controls
  4. i have the same problem i have around 8 hours in the game and i'm being matched with people that seem to have hundreds of hours or so im guessing by their lvl 50 battle passes and their founders badges
  5. Naeris


    Things that are good: The battle pass is absolutely awesome Things that are bad: Aiming is very hard already and with the crazy high amounts of recoil that guns have its still a struggle to kill enemies that are even 10 meters away. This is very annoying so please fix. Matchmaking, at first matchmaking was good but then all of a sudden i am being put in matches with players that have much more experiance and skills then me i have about 8 hours in this game and im being matched with people that look like they have hundreds of hours in it Bugs: when I climb up ladders my camera glitches around the map randomly which stops be from seeing what i am doing