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Unfair to play against XboX Player and some other bugs

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Now I´m playing this game for some hours... And I only get Lobbys full with XboX player who have a big advantage with the graphics and ingame time..... It´s not balanced. They can see you and the airdrop, when you aren´t able to see it. I only saw 3 teams which used crossplay (so one switch, one xbox). It´s unfair because they have a big advantage. I think you could add a option where only switch players can select to play only with switch players (longer Q) or Crossplay.


I spend around 6h in multiplayer solo (some duo) each day and I got 8.5/10 maybe more the Dverg Forest Map..... Could you please change the rotation?!


Sometimes the Leader board doesn´t load. It only shows your stats, but nothing else. Infinity loading, even after you try it after a game again.


I know there is a topic about the white screen... But I just want to remember you to fix that, bc I think it´s damaging the switch itselfs.


Best Regarts



Edit: I forgot to say that the motion control is nearly useless. I played with it until 2 days ago, but if I try to aim directly on the player or even more difficult on the head, it often move (even if you didn´t moved your controller) and it´s not a smooth moving it´s always a hard pounce to left or right side. So if in important situations, if you need to correct your aim fast the motion control makes it impossible to react, not better. The probability to aim fast and correct only with the Joysticks is higher than with motion control and that shouldn´t be this way.

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On 9/27/2020 at 9:50 AM, Naeris said:

how does one enable these motion controls


Press +, you get a menu, choose Options, scroll down to Motion controls, then Enable

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ALSO.the motion controls are super glitchy and that to me is what really makes the difference for us mobile players..PLEASE FIX! 💔

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