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  1. I have suit and basic armor config. What parameters should I change to have a hugh armor resistance suit (not invincible) (When I change armor from 2 to 10, shot at any part of the suit(legs, hands) is registered on the "body" Basic armor config class HitPoints: HitPoints { class HitFace { armor=1; material=-1; name="face_hub"; passThrough=0.80000001; radius=0.079999998; explosionShielding=0.1; minimalHit=0.0099999998; }; class HitNeck: HitFace { armor=1; material=-1; name="neck"; passThrough=0.80000001; radius=0.1; explosionShielding=0.5; minimalHit=0.0099999998; }; class HitHead: HitNeck { armor=1; material=-1; name="head"; passThrough=0.80000001; radius=0.2; explosionShielding=0.5; minimalHit=0.0099999998; depends="HitFace max HitNeck"; }; class HitPelvis: HitHead { armor=8; material=-1; name="pelvis"; passThrough=0.80000001; radius=0.23999999; explosionShielding=3; visual="injury_body"; minimalHit=0.0099999998; depends=""; }; class HitAbdomen: HitPelvis { armor=6; material=-1; name="spine1"; passThrough=0.80000001; radius=0.16; explosionShielding=3; visual="injury_body"; minimalHit=0.0099999998; }; class HitDiaphragm: HitAbdomen { armor=6; material=-1; name="spine2"; passThrough=0.33000001; radius=0.18000001; explosionShielding=6; visual="injury_body"; minimalHit=0.0099999998; }; class HitChest: HitDiaphragm { armor=8; material=-1; name="spine3"; passThrough=0.33000001; radius=0.18000001; explosionShielding=6; visual="injury_body"; minimalHit=0.0099999998; }; class HitBody: HitChest { armor=10; material=-1; name="body"; passThrough=1; radius=0; explosionShielding=6; visual="injury_body"; minimalHit=0.0099999998; depends="HitPelvis max HitAbdomen max HitDiaphragm max HitChest"; }; class HitArms: HitBody { armor=6; material=-1; name="arms"; passThrough=1; radius=0.1; explosionShielding=3; visual="injury_hands"; minimalHit=0.0099999998; depends="0"; }; class HitHands: HitArms { armor=6; material=-1; name="hands"; passThrough=1; radius=0.1; explosionShielding=1; visual="injury_hands"; minimalHit=0.0099999998; depends="HitArms"; }; class HitLegs: HitHands { armor=6; material=-1; name="legs"; passThrough=1; radius=0.14; explosionShielding=3; visual="injury_legs"; minimalHit=0.0099999998; depends="0"; }; class Incapacitated: HitLegs { armor=10; material=-1; name="body"; passThrough=1; radius=0; explosionShielding=3; visual=""; minimalHit=0; depends="(((Total - 0.25) max 0) + ((HitHead - 0.25) max 0) + ((HitBody - 0.25) max 0)) * 2"; }; class HitLeftArm { armor=6; material=-1; name="hand_l"; passThrough=1; radius=0.079999998; explosionShielding=3; visual="injury_hands"; minimalHit=0.0099999998; }; class HitRightArm: HitLeftArm { name="hand_r"; }; class HitLeftLeg { armor=6; material=-1; name="leg_l"; passThrough=1; radius=0.1; explosionShielding=3; visual="injury_legs"; minimalHit=0.0099999998; }; class HitRightLeg: HitLeftLeg { name="leg_r"; }; }; armor=2; armorStructural=4; explosionShielding=0.40000001; minTotalDamageThreshold=0.001; impactDamageMultiplier=0.5; };
  2. I have uniform model with one base texture. I imported it in Arma 3, but there is a high specular. How can I decrease specularPower?