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  1. Mick Partington

    Issue getting friend to join ANY server

    Clear his MPMission cache
  2. Mick Partington

    Tree Remover Object

    Did you fix it then :)
  3. [UK/PVE] Gulfcoast| CUP| Vector| LAMBS| Spawn AI/Vehicle/Heli| 50k Hosted by Gaming Deluxe so you know the ping is great :) UK - We have a mixture of UK players and overseas players, So server is populated most of the time PVE - Other players can see your names over your head, and PVE script added so no team killing :) Gulfcoast Map - We are hosted on this map, It works perfect with Exile, and looks even better at night time Territory fees are 365 days (so log back in anytime within 12 months :) Mods - We have the following Mods installed CUP Units CUP Vehicles CUP Weapons Vector Base Building Extended Base Mod Exile Extended JSRS Sound Mod (This changes the game so much better) A3XAI Roaming AI, Female addon: We even accomodate for our female players Enhanced Movement: Climb over walls, Select weapons Advanced Sling Load Advanced Towing Advanced Rappelling: Lower your Spawned AI from your helicopter into combat Advanced Urban Rappelling: Absail down roofs, ( Quicker then taking the stairs) LAMBS mod: Enhances the AI (This is great mod) You can also Spawn AI, Heli`s, Cars, Claim vehicles from missions [UK/PVE] Gulfcoast| CUP| Vector| LAMBS| Spawn AI/Vehicle/Heli| 50k
  4. Mick Partington

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Naa. for enemy AI, We already have a scanner to see ,AI, but would like it on screen all the time Thanks for replying
  5. Mick Partington

    Ravage Mod + Exile integration

    Any luck getting the loot system to work with EXILE :)
  6. Mick Partington

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Is it possible to use on a exile server to detect AI :)
  7. Did u put thiss in the xsSpawnDefines.hpp access = 0; alphaFadeEndScale = 0.4; widthRailWay = 1; <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< this alphaFadeStartScale = 0.35; colorBackground[] = {0.969,0.957,0.949,1}; colorCountlines[] = {0.572,0.354,0.188,0.25};