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    Http requests extension

    Is this thing around? Where hosted?
  2. Looking for a way to get a mission name ... from inside the arma 3 dedicated server. _currentMission = format ["'%1'", missionName]; // output: __cur_mp ... google isn't really helping even when I use `site:bohemia.net` ... is parsing the file system for pbo or server.cfg the only way?
  3. Bitbucket gave up mercurial support this year ... found someone had backed up the wiki too! https://github.com/SteezCram/extDB3/wiki
  4. I was reading on https://community.bohemia.net/wiki/PreProcessor_Commands#EXEC about their stuff - it's pretty short - what sorts of things have people done with macros in general? Specifically eval / exec? Only close hit was debugging output removed / added via macro
  5. I dug around with google search against site:https://forums.bohemia.net/ & had read the related wiki pages already ... but I am trying to clean up my server.cfg & the long list of changes my squad uses for mission parameters is pretty redundant. Is there anyway to share the mission parameter list between maps (I know sqf isn't really OO, but the underlying system for arma3 is)? I took a few stabs at various formats but not having much luck ... // // --- Mission file settings // class Missions { class Mission_1 { template = "Antistasi-WotP-2-3.Tanoa"; difficulty = "regular"; class Params { AntistasiJps001; }; }; class Mission_2 { template = "Antistasi-Altis-2-3.Altis"; difficulty = "regular"; class Params { AntistasiJps001; }; }; class Params { class AntistasiJps001 { loadsave = 1; gameMode = 1; autoSave = 1; autoSaveInterval = 3600; membership = 1; ... }; }; }; Thanks!
  6. -JpS-RaptorMan

    unitTurret wiki correct?

    Lolz - so this doesn't mean it's for developers huh? 😉 Ty ... missed that because turretUnit isn't & that was a direct link I followed per other people's advice of following all the links in my last post - my assumption of good organizational approaches on the wiki cost me a chunk of time doing research for nothing 😞
  7. I'm having issues making the wiki examples work - can't get access to do more on there ... https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/unitTurret I've ran google with "aram3 unitTurret site:bistudio.com" to find all the mentions & it looks like a real dud ... but no documentation that it's broken. I've a chunk of time on this, read other wiki links from it etc. There is no one else according to google who's asked this question before (BI's search feature time limits you after the first 10 or 15 searches within 15 minutes or some threshold & I do way more research than that. The closest I got to anything helpful was ... // Am running via console in VR mission sitting in a mg turret Example 1: _vehicle unitTurret _gunner; Example 2: vehicle player unitTurret player; My result ... Code Example 2: vehicle player unitTurret player; Error: 'vehicle player |#|unitTurret player;' Error Missing ; The other example fails too Code Example: _v = (vehicle player); _v unitTurret player; Error: '_v = (vehicle player); _v |#|unitTurret player;' Error Missing ;
  8. I haven't had a scope issue yet - but will keep in mind you said there is some weirdness with scopes from arma3's sqf that aren't in normal programming languages. Yea - have seen these before, I do recommend him - have watched like 8 of his series in last month to do due diligence on it Do you know what happened to him? He's more current with most of his stuff - but when I started, I noted that he dropped off about 2 years ago.
  9. Ty tank - I noticed that when they used diag_log they can spit out arrays - so that's a good reason to use. Yea - on the other part - you can absolutely say whatever you want - but essentially "study more" doesn't give any direction or tips. It's better for me if someone doesn't have time, but can give me a name & media source to study. I've been on the scripting tutorial master list - but have no idea who is best for beginners versus intermediate/advance programmers, youtube is a problem to find more stuff I can use after the initial 101 stuff - to get into actual details.
  10. ty Harzach...have seen it in scripts but never looked it up! Probably an essential feature if using hint 🙂 I've seen the equivalent in c families before for clearing console & should have thought about that!!
  11. Actually that was it ... Arma3 eden editor doesn't clear the hints when the next command executes or fails to execute - perhaps it's hanging? Then to compound that issue - it fails/hangs indefinitely AND silently without even a -1 or such, nothing the RPT either. So that was that the issue - just oddities in the arma debugger - guess it comes with the territory of working a 2012 game...I really need to get the arma debugger engine outside the game working for vscode. Thanks pierremgi! I thought I was going crazy by the 5th time through the script process
  12. That's why I'm scratching my head man! You can clearly see the code i posted used the aValue = (ourScores BUT ... that variable doesn't exist ... only _ourScores Existed at the time. Totes calm bro - just asking the trolls to stay out of it. The only explanation I can remotely come up with is the arma3 eden editor has a flaw where it doesn't clear the hint & the hint stays up there - then eden has a second flaw where it doesn't return zero / negative / anything when it doesn't work. That's the only thing that makes remote sense I as I scroll through the eden editor command sequence & ran all 10 commands related to this again.
  13. Answers like this are waste of your time - unless you're padding some forum count. If you delete this, you won't be wasting everyone else reading the thread's time too.
  14. I've read it twice before posting - perhaps is a context meaning I'm missing ... I don't see anything in there about how the underscore symbol is or is irrelevant. The implication being that the arma3 engine isn't handling the '_' as a literal in there & that's why I asked if things break later on as I am using what appears to be two different variable names - but the eden editor doesn't and this might or might not effect the code being ran on the server. It doesn't appear to be documented in a way I can find via google with site:forums.bohemia.net either ... Can you confirm you saw that ... aValue should be undefined as there is no variable for ourScores, only for _ourScores ? I'm probably missing where you're going with this - but - none of the steps your'e talking about seem related to what I'm discussing & I'm trying to connect the dots. (I am doing MP too btw)
  15. private _ourScores = ["T.T", "1"]; aValue = (ourScores select 0); // Note - no underscore hint format ["This is ... %1", aValue]; // I still get "T.T" output in hint It appears that the watch variable option in the debugger only works without the underscore - discovered this by myself - haven't found a good tutorial on how to use watch vars by anyone (likely due to spam of 101 stuff that just says, "Yea there's a watch var thing") I also then played a bit & found I can declare the '_' symbol and then not use it in the code, but we still work?! Does this break somewhere later down the line like compiling?