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  1. Matthew291079

    Battery Draug??

    Right, switching games to path of exile for the time being...please let me know if any improvements are made or new season returns so I can check them out, thanks and happy hunting 👍
  2. Matthew291079

    Survival rate

    Currently I have to survive a game to get 0.01 but if I don’t I get -0.03 meaning I have to survive 3 games out of 4 to be 0.00 or survive 4 games out of 5 to be 0.01??? Does this sound right or can this be addressed?
  3. Matthew291079

    Battery Draug??

    Beyond ridiculous, 2 floors, 6 rooms for 1 electric in 1 house that hasn’t been looted. I ran the whole farm and came out with a glass and some metal/wire. By the time I crossed half the map and had scraps, the airdrop was in play. I like to loot but starting to think the creators don’t want us to earn loot but boost for it so will stick to hunting/killing even if means exit camping to get a better result if that’s what the game is coming to...disappointed to say the least
  4. Matthew291079

    Battery Draug??

    I managed 6000+ loot value after running as much as I could before airdrop only because I got a kill and took my victims loot, this earnt me 0.38 on the loot per encounter stat. Time to treat this game like COD and start hunting people down and killing them for loot, double up or triple up that way. Follow the bullets.
  5. Matthew291079

    Battery Draug??

    Vigor have now emptied these military yard buildings as well as making all games minimal loot, they really are ruining a great game...this is supposed to be a looting game yet the maps are being bled dry. Too many empty houses, getting bored of running around. What’s the point of 1 glass/1 electric when you find them? Lose the stats when comes to loot per encounter as just getting on my nerves seeing a minus when I run a whole map and picked up the scraps that have been placed, just a money tactic to try and get us to boost (which only gets you how the game used to be)
  6. Matthew291079

    Rewards for level 51-75

    Thanks for confirmation, it’s only because I was asked to purchase battle pass and when I couldn’t...I thought I may have lost the additional awards which thankfully didn’t exist. It really was a nice surprise having levels 51-75 provided as a pick me up as was really frustrating waiting for the new season and then a further delay was extremely painful.
  7. Matthew291079

    Rewards for level 51-75

    Did anyone happen to receive premium rewards for levels 51-75 as I only have the basic rewards despite purchasing the battle pass for season 4 for levels 1-50, only ask as whilst I was receiving the basic rewards...vigor asked if I wanted to purchase battle pass for 690 coins and I said yes but it said can’t connect to server so now wondering if I missed out on these rewards or not as I can’t see a buy battle pass option no more since it first appeared yesterday’s. Just says premium tier owned.
  8. Matthew291079

    Battle pass for levels 51-75

    I have just received rewards for levels 51-75, it offered me to buy battlepass for these levels for 690 coins which I clicked proceed but kept getting a cant connect to vigor servers, how do I now upgrade this to get the battlepass rewards for levels 51-75 as I can’t see the option of buy battlepass
  9. Thanks Edmin, I never knew that but I will definitely be looking into how and doing it tonight for sure? thanks mate
  10. This is a very good point, glad it has been brought up...also my crosshair has looked invisible at times with a white crosshair in snow. Not sure what would be most appropriate as in most cases I like the crosshair way it is but have had some difficulty in snow situations but in random scenarios where it just got camouflaged and caused a little anxiety as I was trying to focus on a prime area or kill
  11. Matthew291079

    Challenges not being renewed

    This is still an issue, note it’s if any challenge remains, new ones don’t appear it seems as I kept kill 10 outlanders with machine gun and now I can’t get 2 new renewed ones from completed tasks. Players please help me with this issue as it seems this is who I speak to in forum.
  12. Matthew291079

    New season

    I have just restarted console and season now season has updated to it will end in 24 days and 13 hours 😭 that’s a huge delay. Couldn’t we have had a partial season, levels 1-20?
  13. Matthew291079

    New season

    Countdown to new season has ended but no season and the clock is now counting down to minus 1 min and then starting again to a minus 1 min continuously, is the new season delayed as that would be hugely disappointing as it’s Saturday night and then it’s back to early night ready for another week of work?
  14. Matthew291079

    Challenges not being renewed

    Please note as soon as I deleted the kill a threat challenge, 2 missing challenges despite saying new one will appear in 7 hours automatically showed up. Deleted them too as too shattered too complete so will wait for a new 3 tomorrow.
  15. Matthew291079

    Boosted crates

    Bloody spell corrector, zip gor is xp for*