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  1. I hate bringing up dead posts but I need some clarification on this one. I got it to work in the editor, what I am trying to do is fine tune it. I would like it to play a bit farther away. What numbers to I modify in that .ext file to get it to be a little louder while still a little farther away? I am using loudspeakers so they should "obviously" be heard at a greater distance
  2. For those that remember, yes the =1CAV= is back. One of the original MilSim units from back in the Battlefield 1942 days has returned. This time hosted by MMO Radio. We have dual servers. One running vanilla Liberation and a second that we run Operations and "Members Only" sets on and that one has mods loaded. For a complete list of information, or to enlist, head to http://12thCavalryGaming.com . Easiest way to get informed is on our discord. That is also located on the website. This is a 150% MilSim unit so sorry guys, casual is not found here. If you are a veteran? We DEFINATLEY want you with us. However, we can take even the greenest civilian and turn him/her into one insulting....lead slinging.....hate the badguy.......sim soldier imaginable. Plenty of Special Forces, Navy Seal, and other "Oorah" units out there........so come try the one that enjoys being down in the dirt with their fellow grunts...............the 12th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division
  3. Squad name:- 1st Cavalry Division Tactical Realism Unit Timezone/location : Eastern U.S. Gamemode preference Coop Contact email: MMORadioStaff@gmail.com Website address: https://www.mmo-radio.com/ Short description: 1st Cav TRU is an intense realism unit operated by MMO Radio. Founded and run by M.C. Shea G., a combat veteran of the actual 1st Cavalry Division, we go by the motto "As Real As It Gets.........without Enlisting" . Language: English.