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  1. Hei BI, Encountered a weird glitch on Switch this morning - after running to exhaustion, I only recovered 3/4 of stamina and continued the heavy breathing. This is of course frustrating as it limits the ability to sneak around. I have a clip where I show running to full exhaustion and then only partial recovery, but I don't know how to "insert existing attachment". This isn't a high priority, but maybe it's an easy fix. Thanks for continuing to make Vigor as best as it can be. I love the game, and I'm happy you're communicating openly. Would love to see weekly updates, even if it is to say things like "we know this is a problem, but it is a low priority". Imagine listing all the things the people have reported that you have considered valid. Perhaps on the Vigor website home with pinned links from all social media. You could post a board that lists known issues, priority for fixing, and updates. And you could post positive things as well. I have read these things in the release notes and that's great, but an open and visible spot to show these things would be great. I believe the community would really appreciate it, and that thing you said about gaining back trust would be moved forward greatly. A happy Outlander who has to go get a ton of glass and chemicals. See ya
  2. AqueductsRCool

    House of Death Glitch

    Hi there, I hope this is helpful. I went into a house on Dverg and couldn't get out. (Red House across from Haakon's Inn). It was Timed Safe house, and my Y button (Switch) was working fine, but when I hit the timed safe to activate the switches, I couldn't open anything. The safe wouldn't activate, the doors and windows wouldn't open, no containers would open. I re-loaded using the Y button, and that worked. I fired and that worked. I tried to destroy a piece of inventory using Y, and while I got the right sound, the inventory did not delete. I was trapped inside just waiting for the radiation. I had a video showing all of this, but after a bit, I crashed out. My inventory was returned to me. I did get a video that shows some of it: https://twitter.com/i/status/1342192200986230784 Whatever this weird thing is, I hope this note and video helps you diagnosee it so you can fix it. Keep up the good work, your game is amazing (and completely addictive) AqueductsR
  3. AqueductsRCool


    Teaming in solos is frustrating but I want to state as a long term supporter of Vigor, I don’t care about it: I’ve played more than 1,700 encounters and it doesn’t bother me. Lost ability to map select bothers me and is one of the few moments in the game that I don’t like (oh good, Dverg, AGAIN). I’m not posting to complain. I’m posting to hopefully weigh in with Devs and tell them to not worry about teaming in solos. Worry about making the game as it is currently constructed as good as it can be. For example, fixing comm stations is far more important for Season 5 than adjusting to limit teaming in solos
  4. AqueductsRCool

    Stealing the Crate

    Thanks @Bosshawk, before @f0rsythiaa suggested that was an option I hadn't considered it. I saw him grab it and run to exfil. But I suppose you could be correct: my woeful aim did give him an opportunity to destroy it after I first shot at him. I think that must be the explanation.. Too bad! He should have turned and fought. I'm curious to know if you could see the video? I had some trouble posting it. I was so flustered by: first the absence of the crate; and second the appearance of the guy with the shotty, I completely ignored the fact that he had the polaroid and I should have gone and got the cache. I guess I was camping the drop, but I don't consider what I was doing equivalent to sitting in a bush by the exfil for the entire encounter. The circumstance of my spawn and fighting for the safe left me with no position to hit comms, so I had to deal with watching the crate and trying to scoop in or hunt the guy who grabbed it. I agree there is immaturity, very little respect and not much class on the internet, but in general, I find good players on Vigor. It's a part of why I like the game. Did I have a guy beat me in a firefight and then empty his clip into my body the other day? Yes. Like getting cut off on the highway for no reason. Have I let unarmed looters go? yes. Have I been escorted in duos by experienced and talented players who wanted me to take both crates? Yes. Karma. See you out there.
  5. AqueductsRCool

    Stealing the Crate

    Thanks so much - you're right, that weird exact timing of kill while looting did happen to me, and I guess that's what I remember being fixed. I have a clip from last night, but can't figure out how to insert it here. Can you give me some guidance? Hopefully the embed below will work. <iframe src="https://onedrive.live.com/embed?cid=D1F0C859C38A561A&resid=D1F0C859C38A561A%213874&authkey=AEguB2-DYVPvwpQ" width="320" height="180" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen></iframe> At one minute, it may be a little long, but I wanted to include the point from when he takes the drop to when I loot him, and then I continued on a bit to show the compass - no crate carrier appears on the compass so I think that rules out the possibility that I was chasing the wrong guy. Oh, and thanks for the thought, but there are few Outlanders out there who fear this looter. You'll see my lack of shooting skill when you see the clip. Love your game, and looking forward to the next update. For this particular player, stability in the platform is far more important than new stuff. I've got plenty of upgrades yet to go on the shelter, and when the challenges get fixed, I'll be plenty happy. (Of course, I'm wondering what's in the new cellar...)
  6. AqueductsRCool

    Stealing the Crate

    I believe that in the past you've noted and fixed the bug where the crate disappears when killing the Outlander with the crate. But it happened last night to me on Brodalen: hunted down the guy with the crate, killed him, but when I went to loot him, no crate. Is this still a known issue, or a surprise to you? Thanks!