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House of Death Glitch

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Hi there,


I hope this is helpful.


I went into a house on Dverg and couldn't get out.  (Red House across from Haakon's Inn).  It was Timed Safe house, and my Y button (Switch) was working fine, but when I hit the timed safe to activate the switches, I couldn't open anything.  The safe wouldn't activate, the doors and windows wouldn't open, no containers would open.   I re-loaded using the Y button, and that worked.  I fired and that worked.  I tried to destroy a piece of inventory using Y, and while I got the right sound, the inventory did not delete.  I was trapped inside just waiting for the radiation.


I had a video showing all of this, but after a bit, I crashed out.  My inventory was returned to me.


I did get a video that shows some of it:  https://twitter.com/i/status/1342192200986230784


Whatever this weird thing is, I hope this note and video helps you diagnosee it so you can fix it.   Keep up the good work, your game is amazing (and completely addictive)



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Hiya, thanks for sharing this issue on here - it will be passed on to the team, and they will look into it. 🍅

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