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  1. Hi, I'm Ricky Bobby a moderator here on Crimson RP we are a new server just open'd up about 2 months ago, we are growing rapidly we have about 20+ players daily on our server weekends 25-30 players. Friendly player-base active staff & friendly staff. we have one of the best devs working here for us his name is DathrillerKiller, here on crimson our developer has made something no other server has on arma 2 OA. if you would like to see what we offer join the discord or the teamspeak below, we allow everyone to play on our server. we are on cicada but our devs are making a new map from scratch. we have a lot of features on our server, Paint shop, New Fire system, New clothing shop, Photo gallery, Performance shop, New police system, and much much more. ___________________________________________ Join Our Discord: https://discord.gg/qrgrjae Teamspeak: crpts.ts.nfoservers.com