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  1. When I spawn ammo from the logistics box, I'm not getting the option to rearm vehicles. Does this feature need to be enabled in settings? I can use the pickup ability to walk it to a vehicle but the rearm option never shows. I've also confirmed it's the correct type of ammo for that vehicle.

  2. 17 minutes ago, hcpookie said:

    I just confirmed that you need to ensure the coordinates are accurate.  You can use the in-game GPS or use a hint to "getpos" a position.  Those coordinates above on Tanoa end up in the ocean near 0,0.   For example new "Tanouka" the coordinates would be:  8963,10307.  I think this can be shortened to 089,103.

    You are correct once I switched it up to a 10 digit gird all was good. Thank you very much for all your help!!

  3. 5 minutes ago, hcpookie said:

    no, it will report that sometimes.  It should normally report real map coordinates unless they are "out of bounds".  I will review the inputs

    I was wondering if it was reporting one location but flying towards another. So I followed it with the camera for awhile and it sure looked like it was going towards the 0,0 location. But to be honest, I didn't follow it completely, it was about halfway there and I just stopped.