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  1. Thanks alot @El' Rabito I used that file and it's all fixed now
  2. Okay I seemed to narrow it down it looks like CBA doing it , with only exile and CBA running the vanilla weapons are not showing attachments but if I load all mods without CBA then they work as they should , tried rolling back to an earlier version of CBA on server and client yet still have the issue
  3. I'm having an issue with my armoury trader , when I have for example an m4a1 in my hands then go into the trader menu and press the little assault rifle near the top right I can see all attachments and ammo for this weapon but If I had an m107 I can only see ammo for it and no other attachments , it doesn't happen to all weapons but it does happen to pistols too . When I went through the arma 3 virtual arsenal to choose the weapons I want on my server I can see the attachments per weapon while I'm browsing in there , is there a fix for this
  4. sorry yes i saw that then came accross this one wich is standalone https://github.com/AdamKadmon/ExAd-HaloParachute-Standalone .i have had ExAD have on my server for a long time now but never even realised i had this function LOL . thanks alot for that @z80cpu . i hope that standalone can help anyone that has not got ExAD.
  5. i found an Exile_halo_parachute script by Bjanski after googling what you said Sgt Smash , but i cant see if it lets you cut the chute. is it okay to post a link here to see if its the correct script?