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  1. Iglooslowbutmlgpro

    Bug in tipping point

    In the first part of the mission before you capture the military range if your squad leader dies the rest of the mission will be bugged and unbeatable. I didn’t see this posted anywhere but just thought I should give a heads up as for new players playing the campaign this bug could be annoying and confusing.
  2. Iglooslowbutmlgpro

    No message received

    Thanks! I resolved this issue a little earlier turns out my router just needed a restart 😛
  3. Iglooslowbutmlgpro

    Combined Armed showcase and blackfoot

    I know this is a late response but awhile ago I did this showcase and I noticed something. The Blackfoot is only programmed to target the CSAT apc in the outpost. I know this because there is a little slope on the hill when you can see the apc and shoot it with AT. I did a play through with and without destroying the apc and the only time the Blackfoot opened fired was when the apc was still alive. Basically it doesn’t shoot at anything else. And the only time it lives past flying in is if the AA soldier bugs out and doesn’t shoot him down or you manage to somehow kill him before the helicopter shows up.
  4. Iglooslowbutmlgpro

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Bug report 1: the characters at Dr Drábek’s hideout. Their voice lines make them sound like their talking over a radio when their right in front of you. Also one of them ( I think it’s Howard but it’s someone who wears a blue shirt and white pants) doesn’t even have a voice actor it’s just text to speech... I don’t think this is a bug I think it’s more of a mistake and they just never added the voice actor for this character. bug report 2: the doctor himself... so far I’ve done 3 play through’s of old man and every single time the doctor bugs out. It goes one of two ways: you walk up to him he doesn’t speak to you you give him the medicine and he still says nothing but the task updates the time he has before he runs out of supplies. The other way is the same as before but this time instead of updating the time until he runs out of meds gets stuck and he calls you and says he is running low on supplies and eventually runs out.
  5. I noticed in the timeline salient force apparently happens between beyond recognition and The major. But wouldn’t it really happen between air superiority and moral fiber? I thought salient force was meant to be the first mechanized division launching a counter attack against the Troops on Steel Pegasus and they also lose the airport and Kavala in salient force so I don’t see how that mission would happen on the 8th of august when the AAF lose the airport on the 9th.
  6. Iglooslowbutmlgpro

    Question about terminal defiance for the Altis requiem campaign.

    ah I see thanks for clearing that up. It just always confused me since if you look to that side of the island in East wind you can see NATO have already taken it before Kerry goes to call in artillery in paradise found.
  7. In the dlc campaign the AAF are making a final stand against NATO but I keep noticing something that keeps annoying the hell out of me. From what the map says the AAF are still in control of pyrgos and are fighting NATO for it which at that time should be incorrect since the previous night NATO would have taken pyrgos from the AAF. Also on the other side of the island it shows that the AAF have been pushed back to Ioannina. This is also incorrect for the fact that when NATO are assaulting the AAF garrison closest to the pyrgos side of the island the AAF would still be in control of Kalochori and paros. So does this mean this mission took place on the last day of the fighting ? Because if that’s what it’s meant to be it would also be wrong again because the AAF closest to pyrgos would have already surrendered to NATO. I know the lore of this game to well and this has been nagging me ever since the dlc came out so If anyone would have a decent answer or an explanation to why it was done like this it would be great if you could share thanks! tldr: this mission doesn’t add up to the East wind at least in placement of units and who is in control of what.