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  1. Thank you all for the feedback! Certainly learned an important lesson about local and global variables today. I finally found time to test out your script ZaellixA, which looks like exactly what I need, however I keep getting hit with the following error message despite my debugging attempts: '...ePlayer", "76561198090900291"]; this |#|addAction["Buy STANAG mag $100","purchas...' Error Type code, expected String Any thoughts?
  2. Hey there, I'm trying to get an object to provide a whitelisted player with the option to purchase ammunition once in close proximity. So far, I've written the following into the object's init: if (getPlayerUID player in _UIDList) then { this addAction ["Buy STANAG mag $100","purchasestanag.sqf"]}; The mentioned _UIDList simply reads as follows under init.sqf: _UIDList=["76561198090900291"]; Is there something crucial I'm forgetting to include? I'm very fresh to coding, so do excuse my ignorance. Any pointers are much appreciated.