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  1. Dantspa

    Ravage Persistent Server

    Now I have these mods: @Ruha;@CBA_A3;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@CUP_Units;@CUP_Vehicles;@Asian_Factions_for_CUP;@CUP_Weapons;@CZ_584_Kozlice;@Enhanced_Movement;@JSRS_SOUNDMOD;@Project_Infinite_all_in_one;@Ravage;@Sam Weapons Pack_v03;@Zombies_and_Demons;@Robert_Hammer_Pistols_Pack. Is I missing something
  2. Dantspa

    Ravage Persistent Server

    What weapon packs need. I know that sams weapon pack at least. Is there anything else? Or other addons
  3. Dantspa

    Ravage Persistent Server

    Hello, this mission Sounds really good! Which mods does this require to work?
  4. Thanks Jakeplissken, You're the best!! Now it's just what I wanted and it works great. I've been fighting this for almost two weeks. I'm soooo happy it works now😁
  5. Its not possible to use armas own save game, its not working. Database working fine in this server , but the save button i have right now It's a little bit annoying. Every time you leave inventory save game text comes to the middle of the screen and you need to spin the mouse wheel and press the right mouse button to get it off. That's why I'd like it to the pause menu save button.
  6. I have rental dedi arma 3 server and i have INIDBI2 for save system on it. Right now there is a save game button in the game screen, but i want to get it on the pause menu save game button, the button is grey now. Button i have right now is scripted like this: "initplayerlocal.sqf" Player addAction ["<t color=`#38BAFF`>Save Game</t>", {[] call UN_savedata;}]; How can i script it in the onpause menu "save game" button? I find this link, but i don`t get it work
  7. I was hoping someone could help me with one problem. I have rented arma 3 dedicated server with my friends and I do not know how to save vehicles. For example, we have a helicopter and we land it and disconnect from the server. Next time we connect to the server, the players will be where they were when we disconnect but the helicopter will be gone. Is there a some way to save vehicle location and loadout automatic to the server db? Sorry for the bad english😁