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  1. Mercer1776

    VSS Assault Rifle(AS VAL)

    I agree that if they do it that way then it would be ridiculous but I did say that in my original post that the damage could be changed. They changed it with the G3 and it’s SG1 counterpart. 4 shots to kill with the G3 and only 2 with the SG1(scarecrow testing) yes there are bugs and issues in the game but they are clearly not following real life numbers with this game and they have the freedom of design while being a fictional game. All I’m really asking for is support because as the player base we can make the changes. I think this would be an awesome start and that if we like the idea that I set forth that we should say so. Don’t act on what Bohemia has been doing act on what we think is the correct direction for the game and hold them to a higher standard and give them ideas that we like so that we have something to look back on and say hey we told you we wanted this. We don’t get changes by not talking it over. We get changes by getting the player base to make a stand or voice their opinions.
  2. Mercer1776

    VSS Assault Rifle(AS VAL)

    From what I can see the VSS is also produced in the 80s...and the ADR(P90) in the 90s...this game doesn’t exactly have a set timeline and their is clearly newer firearms than the AS VAL.....and I am proposing this because the silenced weapons are popular clearly. But I see a very limited use of green and blue rarity guns and I find that the AS VAL would be an addition that is both attractive but useable. It would help draw more attention to green and blue rarity guns(in the original post I laid this out)
  3. Mercer1776

    VSS Assault Rifle(AS VAL)

    I totally agree that the point of the VSS was as a DMR but there was in fact a special rifle configuration cal the VAL, which was set up similarly to an AKM with a standard stock instead of the thumb hole stock, and without the scope and with 30 rounds mags. I hadn’t been able to think of what it was when I wrote this but I still feel that adding a VAL would be a great addition for the player base and the longevity and growth of the game. And just to be clear I am not proposing any changes to the VSS Vintorez only an addition to the game in its VAL configuration.
  4. Hey there so I have an idea for a new assault rifle for the game. So far I’ve been super pleased with the new guns but feel that the middle to lower tier of weapons haven’t seen quite as much love(blue and below). The MGV 176 and combat magnum were magnificent additions to the game as they are reasonably priced and not bad guns but also not overpowered. I would love to see more of this seeing as we are getting many military grade and special issue rarity guns and they seem to be dominating the encounters I play in, both in success found with them(which I have no problem with) and the number of them that I see which seems to far outweigh that of rare and lower quality weapons for the most part. I would propose a VSS Vintorez, without its scope, and given a 30 round mag. Now I would also expect a lower damage output, relevant to the magazine increase, possibly 3 shots to the body at least all though 4 would make it comparable to the AKM and A74K(which I believe would be a stellar counterpart), as opposed to the 2 shot kill from the scoped VSS. I would also suggest this gun be a blue rarity so it is an expensive and viable yet obtainable and enjoyable and interesting addition. As for range and fire rate I would imagine that a merge between the VSS and AKM would do quite nicely. About 600-650 fire rate(rounds per minute) and most likely the same range stat as the VSS seeing as the real life counterpart fires subsonic ammunition and it is in fact suppressed it would have a lower velocity and thus lower damage at range. As for third person bloom and first person recoil I would say that another mix between the AKM and VSS would do just fine and work quite well. If y’all have any thoughts go ahead and let me know, but if you agree let’s see what the devs think, thank you for your time.