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  1. War Book

    please help

    ok already downloaded, thank you 🙂
  2. War Book

    please help

    This item was deleted mesage 😞
  3. Vilas, you don't even know how happy I am (and probably not only me) that you have returned to modding for aram 3, best regards
  4. War Book

    please help

    Sometimes I still play Arma 2 and I have almost all the add-ons on hdd drives, but I have never saved one and now I need it. maybe some of you have Mando Missle for arma 2. There is a db mod, but one HEX file is missing. So I'm asking here, help :)
  5. Hello, I cordially have a problem, What scripts should I use to make Ai drop bomb laser-directed bomb on a designated target, e.g. a tank? something like e.g. Mark tank and fire weapon to target. laser marker look at the target, Please help
  6. hi moders i have a request could you please send me the model.cfg pattern for two models in one cfg file? On the internet I found only a formula for one model in one pbo, and I would like to have two models in pbo. Please help . I want to make a submarine and in one pbo I have to have two models, a ship and a torpedo, can anyone show me the example model. CFG with two models?