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  1. I think I found another bug, but a very minor/non-important one this time: sometimes after a AI revives me, my clothes change to the NATO VR Suit, then after a few seconds it just vanishes entirely and I'm left with nothing equiped in the clothes slot. All my other slots keep my loadout, except the fatigues/clothes slot. It isn't a consistent bug. I think if I connect and just get down one time, when the AI revives me my loadout don't change. But if I get shot again and the AI revives me again, or a third time, then this bug happens most of the time. Doesn't appear to affect AI either, only players. I have revived the AI loads of times and they don't suffer this.
  2. Woah, perfect! Just downloaded from GIt the new build and it's smooth now. Only stutter was when entering the mission (because of the scripts and stats initializing of course), but playing it (just did a fresh save, spawned, transported and constructed the FOB, and captured a Factory with some bots) I have not felt any freezes or issues at all!! Here's a quick demo of how smooth it is now (turn to HD for 60fps): https://gfycat.com/canineunfitbushsqueaker Whatever you changed was indeed the issue, and if it's still present, it's almost imperceptible to me now. Awesome job man! 😄
  3. Downloaded them and tested, still same issue, constant micro-pauses/freezes 3 to 4 seconds apart. Altis is the most affected, followed by Tanoa. Malden and Stratis are playable, but also have it. Joined it briefly to test and the issue happens to me there too, but with less frequency. The pauses/freezes are 4 to 5 seconds apart. I really don't know what it can be, and it appears I'm the only one having this as nobody else complained about it so far. I was reading online that Battleye or the launcher's Statistic Collection part could cause such issues, but I disabled both and still have the issue. Also, if it were any of them, other missions/servers would also be affected. So I really don't know what to do anymore, I reinstalled Arma from scratch, with a fresh new profile generated, and no luck. Only thing remaining for me to do is to change computer entirely, but that's not really a option, and my hardware shows no similar issue on other missions/servers, like KP Liberation for example.
  4. Well, there's nothing really specific that I'm doing. I even deleted my profile and all mods, and it still happens only in the Altis mission. Steps would be: 1 - Install ArmA 3. 2 - Download the Altis mission PBO from https://github.com/tbox1911/Liberation-RX/tree/master/build. 3 - Put it on the ArmA 3 MPMissions folder. 4 - Open ArmA 3, go to Multiplayer > Server Browser > Host Server and start a LAN or Internet session. 5 - Select -= Liberation RX =- on the Altis mission list. 6 - Press Play, then Ok. And that's pretty much it. As soon as the mission opens and the "Join the fight" and "How to play" buttons appear with the background camera flying around, it's already with consistent micro pauses/freezes. No mods, no custom parameters, no profile changes from a fresh ArmA 3 install, everything fresh and vanilla. Maybe your computer CPU is too powerful, so what's causing my issues are just bruteforced through in your setup. I have a weak i5-4590, so no Hyper-Threading and just 4 cores running at 3.3GHz. Memory must not be the issue, I have 16GB and at good frequencies. Graphics for sure is not the issue as I can play any other mission, including your own Liberation RX versions in Malden and Stratis, at consistent 50+ fps without stutters or freezes at Ultra settings. And all my drives are SSDs, so it's not also a storage bandwidth/speed issue.
  5. Apparently I have no errors, be it hosting or dedicated. I'm going to wipe my profile from My Documents folder and try to see if anything changes. Here's a video of what is happening (view the HD version for 60fps and clearly visible pauses): https://gfycat.com/inbornwarmelver This only happens on the Altis version of the mission, is there anything different from it to the others?
  6. Hey, just joined the forum to say this mission is awesome, way better overall than the original Liberation or the KP one. But I'm having a issue with the Altis version: it's unplayable to me, be it hosting LAN or on a dedicated server. When the map loads it runs at something like 5 fps, very slow on the base selection dialog. And then when you choose a base and deploy, it runs smooth as it should, but with half second pauses/freezes every 2 seconds or so. It's like some script is freezing constantly the game trying to do something constantly. This only happens with the Altis version of the mission, the Malden and Stratis version run smooth and normally, maybe with some micro pauses here and there too, but not noticeable overall. The Malden and Stratis versions also don't have the extremely slow base selection screen.