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    ORBAT Textures

    So I have the whole process down as far as the basics of putting the CfgORBAT together in the description.ext and how to use the ORBAT Viewer module... But how do you remove the white border around a circular texture. It's not an issue in the viewer itself because the white background cancels it out. But on the map it's very annoying! I don't know how to insert a picture in the forum so I apologize! (If someone could tell me how to do that, that would be great :)) Here's my description.ext for it. class 2325 { id = 0; idType = 2; side = "WEST"; size = "Battalion"; type = "Airborne"; insignia = __EVAL((__FILE__ select [0, count __FILE__ - 15]) + "picture\falcon.paa"); commander = ""; commanderRank = ""; text = "WHITE FALCONS"; textShort = "2nd BN, 325th AIR"; texture = __EVAL((__FILE__ select [0, count __FILE__ - 15]) + "picture\falcon.paa"); color[] = {255,255,255,1}; };