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  1. Blvck Myst

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    AVS info has always been there in the RPT. Enabling the debug logs option did nothing different though. The RPT shows AVS working properly aside from those pesky ammo issues that have been around forever. And yeah I am definitely aware of the mixing of extdb2 and extdb3. I thought AVS 1.4.5 was extdb3 and the previous versions were extdb2? Yeah, extdb3 changed the coding and how things were handled a bit. Exile is the only thing I still stick to extdb2 with. It could very well be an arma update issue as well though. I'll give the older versions of AVS a shot tonight and see if I can get them to load up and let you know. @CrazyCorky and I are having the same issue. If I could get loaded in I'd be able to see if they were spawning in the ground. Some may be because according to the DB not many vehicles are in there. I know that happened on occasion in the past but it would always spawn a new vehicle in its place next server restart. Also, thanks for the feedback so far @chernaruski! I appreciate it.
  2. Blvck Myst

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    So I have no idea where AVS debug logs would be. I didn't even see anything in the AVS files regarding debug aside from debug markers. The RPT shows AVS loading and connecting just fine. Persistent vehicles are showing in the database. The only RPT errors I am getting are the typical ones regarding ammo which has been an issue with AVS for as long as I could remember. My last server loaded up fine even with these ammo errors. I have scoped the whole server and player RPT files many times line for line and saw nothing unusual. Sometimes the database throws an error while experiencing this issue but it doesn't throw it every time. The issue seems to lie somewhere when Exile is trying to spawn the player. It gets past the portion where the player account is read/created but gets stuck before it's able to add/read to the player table and the player history table. I wiped myself from the database to test this and it created an account record but no player record or player history record when I tried to load into the server. I can load in fine without AVS. I took a hiatus from running servers just before the last Exile update came out and AVS was running fine before then. I had the same issue with my last server when I decided to run servers again and was never able to figure it out. I'm not sure if something Exile or Arma wise that caused this issue after updates or what. I'd also like to note that I am on extDB2 running AVS 1.4.4, not the version 1.0.0 that is linked above. I have AVS 1.0.3 and I will also try version 1.0.0 to see if the issue persists with these versions as well. Any help or input regarding this issue would be amazing. Thanks! Database log error:
  3. Blvck Myst

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    Thanks for the response! I ended up getting it to load the map. The map coords had to be exact. Now I'm having an issue spawning in the ground. I'm using the same AVS setup I ran without issue in the past. Gonna run through the debug logs now as the RPT isn't showing anything helpful.
  4. Blvck Myst

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    I second this. Any help with getting AVS to work on Livonia would be greatly appreciated!