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  1. Sergeant_Emerald

    Troubles with enableAI "Move"

    Thank you very much, it works, finally. but the last thing, how do i close this post? ^^ Greedings.
  2. Sergeant_Emerald

    Troubles with enableAI "Move"

    Hi, i thougt about the problem, wouldn't work it if we just give him no waypoint at first and just tell him on the use of the addaction to go to the point? So i tried this, but it didn't. you_mission_complete=[ this, "Complete the Mission", "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_connect_ca.paa", "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_connect_ca.paa", "isNull objectParent _this", "alive dude", {}, {}, { _unit = dude; _unit sideChat "That's it for today. Let's prepare for tomorrow!"; _wp =(group _unit) addWaypoint [position endMARK, 0]; player removeaction you_mission_complete; }, {}, [], 2, 0, false, true] call BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd; Am i doing something wrong here?
  3. Sergeant_Emerald

    Troubles with enableAI "Move"

    both aren't working, he keeps staying there, gave him a teammember but didn't change a thing. Any ideas?
  4. Sergeant_Emerald

    Troubles with enableAI "Move"

    nah, wont work. He get's the right waypoint, but still won't walk till i join his group and order him to get there via the f1 menu.
  5. Sergeant_Emerald

    Troubles with enableAI "Move"

    yeah, i'm sorry, it was a typo while i wrote the errormessage down here, so there is actually _unit = Pettka; _unit |#|join grpNull; _unit enableAI "MOVE"; ...' Error join: Type Object, expected Array so its not in the init, its just in the post here. still won't work..
  6. Sergeant_Emerald

    Troubles with enableAI "Move"

    well now i am just getting _unit = Pettka; _unit |#|joing grpNull; _unit enableAI "MOVE"; ...' Error join: Type Object, expected Array as a script error.
  7. Sergeant_Emerald

    Troubles with enableAI "Move"

    okay, now i added the guy to my group with the ace interactions menu while the mission played. And as i used the addaction he started walking, but not to the waypoint, just to the formation. So the actual problem is not the enableAI "move" as i expected, its the waypoint after reenableing "move". Now i put in the init and configured the code to get it working. Like i said, if the join group thing doesn't overwrite DisableAI "move", thats not the problem, seems to be Disableai keeps blocking the movement. Thanks for your help so far, when there are ohter options than disalbe and enableAI "move" i guess i could also use them.
  8. Sergeant_Emerald

    Troubles with enableAI "Move"

    Hi, thanks for your fast answer, I tried the addaction you send, same problem again. and where do i put the otherone? greedings
  9. Hi, I'm about to make a mission preset to help my friends get better in Arma. The thing i want to get working is a guy with this disableAi "move" in its init and an this addAction ["finish the mission","end_mission.sqf"]; running: _unit = _this select 0; _action = _this select 2; hint "We have done our job for today, lets prepare for tomorrow!"; _unit removeaction _action; _unit enableAI "Move"; to get him walking to a waypoint placed in a triggerbox what ends the mission. In singleplayer and running a server on my computer is working good, but loading the mission on a dedicated will end up everything is working, but not enableAI. Do you know a fix for this?
  10. Sergeant_Emerald

    Boot Camp with Zeus?

    Hi, does somebody know if there is a way to get the zeus 4+1 Bootcamp missions running on dedicated servers?
  11. Hi, i tried to use your code, and the positioning thing is just working for the first time. The loadout save isn`t working at all. Do you know how to fix it?