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    Game Over

    If you were changing the game based on how "well-received" it was you'd think you'd return things like map select that people were complaining about being removed for a while. See the problem, fOrsythiaa, is that you and your community team always talk about feedback and pretend to listen but as we all know nothing ever becomes of it. There are lots of people who enjoyed playing vigor and have moved on because of the carelessness of the development team. The models of power creeping out the old with new overpowered weapons, increasingly forcing people into situations where they NEED consumables (iodine for radiation crates will be a must now) and in general pay to win are all very bad ideas. They all also reflect on the master pay-to-win model. If you want better guns/consumables you have to either get an obscene amount of high-grade crates or buy season passes and do a lot of grinding or spend even more crowns to level through. If you want to afford to bring overpowered consumables and weapons every game there's no better way then to spam insurance ensuring you'll have an unfair advantage over most other players (portable detector spam to know where the closest enemy is and ADR to snipe across the map) Pay to win may give the company a lot of money, sure, but as the reputation of your game is tarnished by doing this its bad name will make new players turn the other way, especially when they see how unfair it can get. So in the long run you'll maybe make a fair amount of money in a short time but if you decided not to continuously force people into unfair pay-to-win situations and fixed your servers which often have massive hit registration problems you'd probably have a lot more longevity to your game and likely a more popular one too but you'd never listen anyways so what's the point of even writing this, eh?
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1H5y1KOgzPNgWuV0NHYiSAYtk_H5EdKDl/view?usp=sharing "Temporarily stops maximum health reduction caused by radiation" This is single-handedly the most powerful way to ensure that you'll get the crate. If you can stop people from grabbing it it's only a matter of time till you effectively force the lobby to leave and you can come out fine. If you can spam these like portable signal detectors I have no doubt in my mind that you may be able to last 10, 20 maybe even 30 minutes after the radiation already would have killed everyone. Portable signal detector spam will have a new king in town. And the broken consumable meta will force people to spend their paychecks on insurance just to be able to get crates anymore, just as bohemia always envisioned.
  3. ArachnidOverlord

    Iodine, arguable the most powerful consumable coming soon

    Matthew answered two of those questions for me, but cumulative or not a second to use another pill isn't really worth considering because it takes a fair bit of constant exposure for your health to go down, so the downtime isn't a concern. The exploit where people buy insurance and boost off of each other, then one leaves the game and their buddy grabs their loot. The one who left doesn't lose crowns from the insurance nor anything they brought in and their partner gains everything they had effectively creating a full stack of consumables and weapons at no cost. Patching that might help with consumable spammers but those who boosted all the time probably have so many it'd take a while to run out.
  4. ArachnidOverlord

    Iodine, arguable the most powerful consumable coming soon

    In cases of catching or running away caffeine is better yeah. In cases of camping in a building with a shotgun and absolutely guaranteeing you get the crate iodine takes the cake. If it's 10 seconds per then boosters who fill their inventories with iodine (with absolutely no cost for them because exploits) can easily hide in a building for up to 10 minutes after the radiation hits, that's way more than enough time to getaway while everyone else would've left the lobby already or died from radiation.
  5. ArachnidOverlord

    Loot and Crate Boosting

    It takes Bohemia wondering "why is nobody playing our game anymore" or "why is nobody buying our pay-to-win crowns anymore" for them to even consider giving back to us I reckon. But at the end of the day a leopard never changes its spots. They may bring stuff back to what it used to be for a little bit. And then they'll go right back to taking everything away again in the name of profit. Any management expected to make a ridiculous profit margin will have to either by choice or by being replaced be made to return to what deterred people in the first place. The company is supposed to make as much money as possible no matter how scum-like or evil it may be, it is business and its why a lot of capitalist success today is outright hated. It's why most game companies have gone to shit these days. Capitalism is decaying because morals are not profitable, being good is bad for making money. And thus here we are. If Vigor's life is threatened and the devs do decide to give back to us to bring back the playerbase. Then they're prolonging the inevitable because they'll just do what they did again and there's only so many times that people will listen to a liar before they realize they've been manipulated this whole time.
  6. ArachnidOverlord

    Team killer - Question

    There may be an exploit around it. I've had people leave the team before teamkilling me, might have something to do with that. Either that or they wanted both crates which is another reason why people will team kill. Or they just wanted to be an asshole that's possible too, there's human filth like that out there.
  7. ArachnidOverlord

    VSS Assault Rifle(AS VAL)

    If you want to talk about having a voice on these forums check the poll with currently 11 in favor of bringing back map select and 1 not in favor and you'll realize that it's been almost a month since they've removed it with no trace of them listening to us. We do get changes by not talking it over, that's how Bohemia has been taking this game. They don't care about what the community is saying and I hope it kills the game unless they listen. There was a time the antenna gave 20 crowns a day or something now it's down to 6. On facebook people were pissed about it and the vigor team said they're "open to your feedback" yet nothing changed. Crates drop tables are diluted with bullets, common gun parts, cosmetics and knives. Even special issue crates can drop poukko parts and fucking cheap cosmetics which should never be in that tier. The food crates now take a ridiculous amount of grinding to get 1 military grade or special issue crate at a time. To get 130 000 food in 40 days you need to make 3250 food a day which is insane. They also increased the cost of ammo and many guns for no reason over time. I think there was a time where even a P90 costed under 5000 materials, now guns that can't even compare to the P90 cost 10200 materials (many rare guns are no better than common). And rounds used to cost 4-6 to make about with those same rounds now costing 10-20 materials. They've also added more and more consumables you NEED to bring to have a chance now. Caffeine will allow you to outrun people who could run from you in the past. Portable detectors allow you to find anyone who might try to hide from you. Iodine allows you to out-camp anybody else in the lobby. And the P90 or G3 SG1 allow you to out-gun most people because they're just that much more powerful that you have to be stupid to do badly with those guns. All of these things required only promoted the "buy insurance every game" psychology which makes the game pay to win. If you want to keep your guns, ammo and overpowered consumables all the while bringing as much of anything you want then look no farther vigor is the rich-mans pay-to-win paradise to beat up on people who don't buy crowns with their paychecks every week.
  8. ArachnidOverlord

    VSS Assault Rifle(AS VAL)

    Considering that the AS VAL fires the same 9x39 round as the VSS, has 900RPM and is capable of fitting a 30 round magazine means it would be incredibly powerful comparably speaking. If the game continues to follow its apparently "same damage per cartridge" sort of ideals (which seem to be bugged) that would mean the AS VAL on paper would be capable of 75 damage per shot. 75 damage at 900 rounds per minute with a 30 round mag would probably make it the strongest damage dealer in the game at closer range. Even with the heavy drop off of the sub-sonic rounds it still takes about the 100m mark for it to lose its 2-shot kill capabilities. If they ever add this gun it'll probably be military grade or special issue and it will probably be overpowered and overpriced for the plan because Bohemia seems to love power-creep as shown by them adding portable signal detectors and a version of the SVD and G3 that are both literally better in every way lol.
  9. ArachnidOverlord


    I actually use the AKM probably 90% of the time. It is a 4 shot kill almost all the time though, this is despite it doing 40.5 damage. That is 121.5 damage in 3 shots which should kill. The G3 SG1 is a 2 shot kill. Even though it should be a 3 due to its 45 damage. Now imagine that but also the user knowing exactly where you are at all times (more frequent detector spam now than ever) with a nearly dead-on accurate gun when using the scope. The problem with the G3 SG1 wouldn't be there if it followed the damage that the game says it has. Because like I said it outperforms the SVD, SVU, P90, VSS and any other gun in the game if you hit those two shots in a level playing field. It has a 30 round mag and full auto unlike sniper rifles. It's also really easy to use because once again its scoped-in aim has barely any recoil allowing you to easily hit that second shot. The only reason the G3 SG1 slightly outperforms the P90 is because it's bugged though. It's sad when a bugged gun is the only one that can stand in the same tier as a working-as-intended gun. I've killed many many P90s and G3 SG1s with my AKM sure but all it takes is somebody who is skilled enough in using their weapon to have the advantage. If they know your position ambushing is out of the question and they've basically won if they're just as skilled at shooting and making use of cover.
  10. ArachnidOverlord


    Don't forget the G3 SG1 which does more damage than it says. Effectively making it a more accurate, much higher mag capacity, and full auto-capable better version of every rifle in the game. It often times will do 2 shot kills even though it says it does 45 damage. It actually does 90 damage a lot of the time. Which is why it's actually more powerful than the P90 because the time you can hit an enemy twice with the G3 SG1 is faster than hitting somebody 4 times with the P90. But yes both the P90 and G3 SG1 need to be adjusted. The G3 SG1 isn't working as intended (I hope) because the exact same gun, the G3, does the proper damage. Unless somehow a black painjob, 10 rounds more in the magazine and a scope makes the rounds fired from an identical weapon magically do more damage. The P90s problem is its accuracy, it is still better than all the other special issue guns. They should make it a choice between the SVD, SVU, MP5 SD and P90. Having guns with actual distinctions makes for game variety and makes all of them potentially viable. What they could do is increase the P90s damage by a bit but decrease its accuracy, maintaining its extreme power up close but hindering its ability to hip fire people across the map.
  11. ArachnidOverlord

    More Australian servers

    They need more servers. They also need servers that function in the first place because their hit detection is defective and the lag sometimes is unplayable. Also I've never been kicked from servers remotely close to as much as I am in vigor. The staff will say "maybe it's on your end" but that's denying their own problems which is only unhealthy for the games longevity. It's like a restaurant where the owners/chefs can't take criticism. If you won't change the problems at hand fine but don't be surprised when your customers don't come back.
  12. ArachnidOverlord

    Need more things in the Shelter

    I'm not against you I'm against Bohemia making this game more toxic. Maybe you didn't say that shelter raids would hurt the victim. But I know for a fact that Bohemia would love to implement that. Think of the money involved. If you get to destroy other peoples' grinding effort that means they have to get it all over again, and that means they have to farm for weeks straight and more impatiently than before. Impatience = buying crowns to speed up the grind. I suspect implementing this at all would eventually lead to something like that happening, even if it starts out without people losing anything. Just think of how more than 90% of people seem to want back map select and they still ignore us, because some maps are too easy to get barred, crate and loot. Easier maps = less grind = less money They definitely will ignore anything that prevents them from making more money. Because map select does not make queue times faster, quick play was always an option. And teaming can be fixed WITHOUT taking away map select by forcing game chat, without party chat people have to do proactive teaming on a third party which is another hoop to jump through. If it could also be implemented the most effective way of all would be disabling joining friends/recent players by the matchmaker except if you're in an official team with them. I do think they should add a building that reduces ammo cost now though, that'd be nice. I'd rather them revert the cost besides P90 ammo back to what it was but I know they would never do that. Maybe the seasonal vendors could sell things that cost materials or chemicals/fertilizer/electronics etc, instead of gold. It'd give more purpose to people who already upgraded everything. They could sell crates, cosmetics, old season plans etc. New locations would be nice for some people but I'd definitely like to keep upgrading my material-making things because they alone operate at a loss without deconstructing things now and again. Maybe they could have some kinda oil rig map that awards something worthwhile for holding it. And bombs should definitely do more damage, for the sake of balance they shouldn't be a one-shot because people hide them on exits but 75 damage rather than 45 would definitely make ambushes with them much more useful.
  13. ArachnidOverlord

    What's up with Gewehr SG1?

    Actually that still sounds like they may incorporate special multipliers to gun classes. All the ammunition types have the "same" base damage across different guns. It says an AKM, SKS, Vz 52 rifle, ZA M72, Vz 58 P etc, have the same base damage and they all fire 7.62x39. If I remember correctly though the SKS and Vz 52 rifles both destroy the dummies faster and from what I've noticed always have done more damage than said to players as well.
  14. ArachnidOverlord

    New Exploit

    Yeah I've noticed this happening a lot more often than the last season. But maybe it's because of iodine and caffeine being added. It allows people to get a ridiculous amount of consumables at no loss and is really bad for the game health because those people can then afford to bring loads of portable detectors every game.
  15. ArachnidOverlord

    Iodine, arguable the most powerful consumable coming soon

    Don't forget the people who spend their paychecks every week on this game to buy insurance every single game. In combination with constantly boosting with their friends they can effectively fill their inventories with literally anything with 0 cost in materials or crowns. It's every day now that I see one teammate with a poukko and one with doubled up p90s or other things, whom obviously carry an inventory full of goodies. The one with all the stuff buys insurance, bumps the crate then does some mumbo jumbo to make sure they don't actually lose their crowns. Also 5 seconds with 3 per slot in 22 spaces is still 330 seconds. Admittedly it's not as bad as I thought if it is truly 5 seconds but that's definitely enough to out camp everyone else in the lobby. If you get your hands on the crate first all you have to do is corner camp a building with an Izh and it's all yours. So there'll be the boosters who can definitely abuse the hell out of this yet.
  16. ArachnidOverlord

    What's up with Gewehr SG1?

    Yeah they should definitely get their damage stats right. I've had my health reduced by 90 in one shot by the G3 SG1 way too many times for it to be called a rare bug. It says it does 45 but only the "regular" G3 does that most of the time. The more I think about it though the more I believe that the "rifle" class does get a hidden damage bonus though just to give the HBAR, G3 SG1, Dragonov, SVU and VSS Vint. more buying power. At the end of the day it's not about being right, even if it may have been at one point. It's all about the money. As long as customers are willing to buy something, no matter how bad it is, the company will do their damnedest to keep selling it.
  17. ArachnidOverlord

    Take out the ability to buy "Crafting Plans"

    Yeah keep that in mind too AceWonder. Even special issue crates have this stupid RNG on top of the RNG which gives you a CHANCE to get a plan in its drop table, so if you're unlucky enough it's possible for you to never get special issue plans from these crates. But you'll always get shitty cosmetics you don't want or even plentiful gun parts and bullets. But if the antenna was reverted I think that'd be amazing but we all know that they'll never do that. They have every intention to keep taking more and more until there's nothing left. Like how they increased ammo prices, destroyed daily challenges, ruined crate loot, nerfed food donation crates, took away our map select and in general nerfed all loot on all maps.
  18. Far too often in Vigor have I seen blood splatters from living, moving characters for there to be absolutely no hit marker or damage dealt. Just recently I saw somebody peeking in prone over a balcony with their gun pointed at me. They were "away from controller". So I shot at them in the head several times, the blood splatter was there but absolutely no hit markers. So I assumed maybe the character was actually dead. I went upstairs closer to the assumed dead body and at that point could tell they were still alive so I shot at them again. And once more my rounds caused blood splatters every shot with only 1-2 shots of the 31 round magazine actually getting hit markers. This players teammate then approached me and killed me while I was trying to reload. I died because I guess 29 of the 31 rounds in my magazine were loaded with red paint balls or something. I know for a fact the player I was shooting was alive because I got 2 hit markers and they screamed in pain when those two rounds actually registered. You know this games hit registration is terrible when you can shoot at a completely stationary target with a full magazine hitting all your shots (once again blood splatters every shot) to only get 2 of them to actually do damage. The same thing happened when I was on top of a building shooting down at somebody with an AUG. I got 3 damaging shots and there were blood splatters without damage another 3 times. The target would have been dead if the hit registration worked like it always should have. In another instance I approached a person hiding in the barred house with the window open, they were hiding in the corner. I shot at them through the window while aiming down sights with the iron sights very clearly at center mass. They were no farther than 5 meters and an invisible hit box on a teapot absorbed all of my shots, the shots weren't even close to the teapot but I guess it has some ridiculously large hit box. And lastly there is the problem with no longer being able to shoot through walls. Why can't we do this anymore? High powered rifle rounds can go through most of this games plywood buildings like a hot knife through butter. Some rounds can even pass through a 1/4 inch of steel. This was a great way to take care of people hiding in buildings with Izh shotguns and pigeons. It is also realistic which is why it should've remained.
  19. ArachnidOverlord

    Take out the ability to buy "Crafting Plans"

    Crafting plans are also "earned" by the ridiculous RNG of crates. I went through 7 special issue crates and 11 military grade crates to get the portable signal detector plan. And considering that a special issue crate is 120 crowns and a military grade crate is 90 respectively that adds up to 1830 crowns to get the plan. AND that's without considering all the games you may lose those crates which all depends on how good you are at the game. So assuming you lose 30% of the crates (and that's if you're really good at the game along with having overpowered gear) that'd cost upwards of 2379 crowns which is worth about 70$. For one plan. Also if I remember correctly the G3 SG1 plan costed about 800 gold or something, that's about 30$ for a gun plan that you still need to upgrade the workbench and spend 16 000 materials every time to craft. That's not to mention that the battlepass costed 900 gold with that plan many other things in it. So they massively inflated the cost of the G3 SG1 and every other plan in its respective pass in a game that has huge hit registration issues and server issues that they don't address because they care more about making more crap to sell than fixing their game.
  20. ArachnidOverlord

    New Glitch?

    I also experienced this bug recently. I went to use the portable signal detector and it made the sound but there was no "nearest signal revealed" or "no signals detected" notification. It still used up the detector too despite it not working.
  21. ArachnidOverlord

    Silenced shotgun for season 3

    Shotguns are too easy to use to justify adding more. The fact that you can one-shot kill people with the izh without even aiming properly is not skill based whatsoever. Mind you Bohemia doesn't seem to care at all about skill based combat, they do care about pay-to-win combat though so they'll probably add a special issue shotgun that can cross map people or something.
  22. ArachnidOverlord

    Teaming in solo will ruin this game. period.

    Forcing game chat when playing vigor would address probably 90% of teamers because then if you want to do teaming you have to use a third party program like discord or something. It would make things pretty much impossible for reactive teamers because then they can't just invite the whole lobby to a party hoping someone will join them. And in addition to forcing game chat making the matchmaker stop you from joining lobbies with friends/recent players would eliminate the rest of teamers pretty well because then you can only game with friends/recent players when you're in an official team with them.
  23. ArachnidOverlord

    Season Pass - Initial Comments

    They kept map select removed and are going to permanently because some maps were too easy to get the crate and barred house so to save money they made sure that players have to play on the bigger maps with less loot and more players to ensure we get as little as possible. As for changing the loot ui though I think it's just overall ignorance towards the community. Recent games myself and my friend played at 250% and 400% loot respectively gave no more loot than usual which makes it feel like either the loot was nerfed again (which it probably was to save bohemia more money) or it's bugged which they'll never fix because if we get more of anything they lose money.
  24. ArachnidOverlord

    Lockbox bug

    Had the same problem in barred house as the big barn. Neither opened losing a decent amount of loot.
  25. ArachnidOverlord

    Season Pass - Initial Comments

    The devs seem to have a thing about never listening to the community especially how 10/none were onboard with reverting map choice and they still ignored us. I liked the old looting UI too and a lot of people are vocal about it but Bohemia doesn't seem to give a fuck about 99% of the things we say