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  1. ArachnidOverlord

    Armor Plate/ Signal Detector Blueprint Grind

    I went through probably close to 50 purple crates without getting another plan and still need 8 more purple plans. Think of it as Bohemia punishing all players who don't buy every battlepass and dare to take a break from the game. They've set the standard so that you're expected to buy every battlepass if you want the game to be fair.
  2. ArachnidOverlord

    One loot and no campers!!!!!

    My point is (partly) that spending too much money is setting the standard for everyone else to also have to do to have a fair chance; with them making plans so much harder to get it makes you have to buy and grind the battlepasses. If you didn't you have to go through a ridiculous amount of crates now to get plans. Also you talk like everything on these forums aren't ignored 99% of the time anyways lol. At this point I pretty well know nothing gets through to them so it's to make sure everyone who plays knows how little they care about the consumer. If enough people got together maybe it'd work but admittedly lots hated the removal of the map select and here we are with a bad 3 map at a time thing. And yeah I have every plan before the seasons that brought out the 44 magnum and new lmgs, but the armored plates are meta and the fact it's taking over 40 military grade crates to get another purple plan is a tad ridiculous lol. The loot is garbage and the camping mortars are excessive; if they brought back more points of interest it'd help a bit with camping.
  3. ArachnidOverlord

    Hard mode vs dipper mode

    The big thing is the gap isn't only skill anymore. (it really never was with the ADR and HBAR being way better then most guns but that's besides the point) It's a gap between who carries portable detectors, armor plates, a spam of mortar strikes and the most meta weapons. Jammers don't work much anymore now that you can't stay places cause it doesn't provide jamming when you carry it. If you want to hope to compete over a crate that's anywhere above common (which 95% of the time it is common) then you're going to have to fight the chads that are heavily armed, armored up and that always know where you are from portable detectors. If you manage to get crates (admittedly you can get one free every week but you can't get colored crates from dailies besides weapon/resource anymore) then good luck getting a plan now because they also nerfed that into the ground because screw everybody who didn't buy the battlepass I guess. Despite plans being the most valuable thing you can get from crates you'll be lucky to go through 40 military grade crates to get one military grade plan now. It used to be almost every crate pool that you'd get a plan now it's maybe 1 in every 15 crate pools. So enjoy spending a ridiculous amount of money getting a decent plan now cause that's exactly what Bohemia wants.
  4. ArachnidOverlord

    definition. To the body armor. Broken. Misleading.or lies

    I'm assuming you're talking about the armor in the game. I have yet to see the armor stop one round, it's almost always 2 or more. Even point blank with ARs (including the G3SG1 which has broken damage). So yeah it isn't working like it says it is. It just says this on paper so at a glance it's not as much of an advantage as it seems when in reality it almost doubles your effective health. The reason why they keep it this way obviously is to increase the gap between pay-to-win and new players who dared to not know of the game before or don't buy every single battlepass. Good luck getting the armor plate from crates, I'm in the forties now for how many military crates I've opened without another plan. Not including the rares, commons, uncommons and special issues which probably brings it up to over 100.
  5. ArachnidOverlord

    Golden box

    Yeah the crate pools for special issue also get diluted with common ammunition and knives still I think. You're lucky you got a plan at all lol because plans seem incredibly rare now at least for me. Though admittedly I completely agree you should be getting a special issue grade plan instead of uncommon. They're far too greedy to care though. They already nerfed the hell out of chances to get plans so it's obvious they have every intention of being as anti-player as possible.
  6. ArachnidOverlord

    definition. To the body armor. Broken. Misleading.or lies

    Yeah armor should only protect from one round like it says but it definitely doesn't. If it's ceramic then that's about all it's good for. It even stops multiple rounds from the 90 damage G3 SG1. Were it steel plates it would weigh you down which also doesn't happen in this game. Now that they have armor too I think they should make the TTK faster because for a "combat simulator" it takes an awful lot of bullets to kill someone when in real life one shot to the neck, spine or heart will drop you immediately. (unless they have armor of course, see where I'm going?) Armor should protect the chest. Neck shots should count as a headshot, I've also been shot in the head in game and survived quite a few times (head all red from wound) lol this shouldn't be the case. Why is there an inconsistency between bullets for headshots being an instant kill, even 22LR from the MGV should kill you in one headshot. 22LR still penetrates the skull and destroys the brain lol
  7. ArachnidOverlord

    One loot and no campers!!!!!

    Bah, you're just another person manipulated into spending a large portion of your hard earned money on a game that wants you to spend ever more. I have spent money on this game, but I'm not going to spend hundreds of dollars on a game that focuses more on battlepasses then bug fixing or crash fixing. Don't give me the argument that the game wouldn't exist if people didn't spend hundreds of dollars on the game like you. If the 1,200,000 people who played spent that kind of money on the game they'd not only have over 500 million from that but they'd keep pushing for more money, this is how capitalism works, no amount is ever enough. I can guaran-goddamn-tee you that they probably give the developers of this game peanuts too so you're mostly just lining the pockets of rich management who don't give a flying fuck about the game at all. Billionaires "can't afford" to give their workers in most businesses a decent wage. Just wait till you'll have to spend as much money (or more) for virtual guns as you would for real guns lol, and you'll wonder why it got to that point.
  8. ArachnidOverlord

    Balancing for Newer Players

    It really depends for the new player now, really. With armored plates introduced it makes the gap even larger between new players and "veterans". You obviously can get that lucky headshot but most common/plentiful weapons besides the AKM and M16 have huge bloom/recoil and often low damage on top of that. The Vz58p for example actually loses its one-shot headshot potential at a far enough range. Falloff is notably massive on a lot of these weapons. It's also ridiculous how some guns can't headshot in one shot. So now that the chance of getting plans has been nerfed into the ground it removes all value from crates. You either have to buy every battlepass or you get punished for daring to take a break from the game. Buying blueprints from the store is basically out of the question because it's random and most of the time the plans are heavily overpriced. So to sum it up, the people who keep playing and spending money are the ones being catered to. And Bohemia is setting a standard for all players to spend lots of money to get plans now due to the drop chance being reduced by at least 10 times. The other option which also involves spending lots of money is to buy insurance every game to bring the gun you want every game without losing it. So yeah, moving ever closer to the pay-to-win model Bohemia wants
  9. ArachnidOverlord

    PS4: shootout crowns don't increase reward

    Yeah I think it's only for first place. And you need to bump it past 200% to actually get crates, if it's bumped once it actually seems to do nothing.
  10. ArachnidOverlord

    Left Joystick to Run!

    On xbox there should be a "toggle sprint" checkbox you can check or something. I don't see why it wouldn't be on playstation as well
  11. ArachnidOverlord

    One loot and no campers!!!!!

    Yeah it's really annoying how pay-to-win they're making this game. You can't even earn plans anymore without needing an obscene amount of crates per plan. And they love making it worse, they're going to whether we like it or not. Because it makes them money, and they don't seem to realize that in pissing people off by adding and removing things over and over and over in the long run people will hate Bohemia for being so greedy, and they won't want to play the game anymore. The antenna used to give 20 crowns per day, daily challenges used to give at least 130 crowns sometimes if I remember correctly and even special issue crates. Almost every crate roll used to give you a plan of the type you didn't have yet, now I'm through 36 military grade crates without another plan. They once said they weren't adding armor because it added too much of an advantage and here we are with armor because they know the game was pay-to-win from the start. Loot in buildings also used to be way better and they made that terrible too, barely any loot in entire buildings. And they still dilute crate pools with shitty ammo and common/plentiful weapons or knives and parts, including high tier crates.
  12. ArachnidOverlord

    Bugs bugs bugs

    Another one I reported almost a year ago which still happened today cause battlepasses are more important then bug fixing 17. When toggle sprint is enabled, if you stop sprinting to do something and move again it'll start sprinting again. This has killed me twice today because it'll stop me from shooting and aiming. When you stop sprinting you should have to press sprint to enable it again, not have it do what it wants and get you killed.
  13. ArachnidOverlord

    Some Positive and Constructive Feedback

    The footstep direction could definitely be improved, it's sometimes very hard to tell where someone is just with hearing
  14. ArachnidOverlord

    Bugs bugs bugs

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention. 15. G3 SG1 still sometimes does way more damage then it should, sometimes doing double the damage in one shot. 16. Plans, the most valuable thing in airdrop pools; are now incredibly rare to find in any rarity. Opened upwards of 30 purple crates now and only got 1 plan in all of them, that's 10 rolls for 1 plan. Very expensive/grindy for something that used to be found almost every roll. I don't know about anybody else but this makes crates pretty well worthless to me and not worth putting crowns into anymore.
  15. ArachnidOverlord

    Random radiation?

    If you mean the airdrop you find in random containers then maybe it's an overlooked feature. I think what happens is someone irradiates the airdrop with the comms station, which unintentionally irradiates airdrops you find in random containers along with the regular airdrop.