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  1. On 2nd thought I didn't uninstall the workshop version so maybe that's that. Guess I'll have to do another run from the start now...
  2. OK, more bugs for @zozo et al: I got Drugs for Drabek mission to lock up. (No spoiler since this isn't giving anything away.) First, if I stay on the main island Get Doctor Medicine does not trigger no matter how long I wait (or at least until 8 am-ish, I restarted from a save after that). Looks it's scripted that way and that's probably wrong. Now the bug: I give Drabek the drugs, task description update never pops up and his drug-o-meter stays at "2 to 5 hours". I even went away and came back after he called with "update: we need medicine", still no dice. This is on Apr 14 update, fresh start.
  3. I think I must've restarted from scratch, when that one worked. When it works you get the "mission accomplished" pop-up right after you close the box.
  4. Worked for me once. Out of 3 tries or so, i.e. it is attainable, but flakey.
  5. So is it just me, or is the map menu broken for everyone? "Intel" works about one time out of three, "contacts" shows call log and "call log" shows messages, or whatever... it's one off. But only sometimes. Sometimes it works except all my messages have Drabek's face on them.
  6. Seems to be all over the place: some runs you can fast-travel from home, some: you can only fast-travel from after you fast-travel to -- and in one of them my loot box disappeared in a puff of smoke when I arrived. (After a restart I didn't fast-travel and it still disappeared at some point while I wasn't looking.) Sometimes fast travel disappears after you sleep, sometimes: after you step out of the house... I too have the safehouses randomly not marked, even ones that were marked on other runs, so even when fast travel's available there's only a couple of places to fast travel to.. So far the funniest one's been the run that got progressively more sluggish: phone calls arriving out of sequence at 3 words per minute, inventories start filling up after 30 seconds... Until on the silo mission I walked in and drove all 4 vehicles out of there, then sat down on the hill and watched the guards spawn.
  7. Finally solo-playable content for AIII! I thought BI, like most everyone else, has abandoned solo players, and was about to give up hope... My faith in humanity is restored. Thank you! Bug report: upload virus task is stuck for me. General comments: - if fast travel disappeared, I wouldn't miss it much. It's a handy cheat in its current state, it'll be less handy if the time skip is fixed. It makes far more sense in DUWS where you have to get to that remote base NOW to defend it... Here, without it I'll have to waste a lot of time in a driving sim, but wasting time is why I play computer games in the first place. The only problem would then be is I have a better driving sim. 😉 - Flood of "Support Attack" tasks is a bit much. Also, this can be considered a bug: