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  1. VandalReavre

    First person?

    I would like it.
  2. VandalReavre

    Hardcore Mode

    I agree, in the trailer for example they debuted an Outlander tracking another via footprints in the snow; why wasn't that actually added? I know individually drawn footprints for 12 outlanders can be resource heavy but games like Hunt showdown managed to put in place an awesome tracking system that rewards knowledge. As the game stands now it is just too shallow, players who are veterans reached a ceiling where they use only what's meta. Games such as vigor should really value a learning curve and prestige acknowledgement. The food system was an awesome idea, but what are community members with 1.5million materials accumulated are suppose to return to other than over-familiarized gameplay. I want (and perhaps others) want something that would really make our heartrate go up. Valuables that could be collected and traded, traders/factions with unique challenges to move up their tiers. Bullet damage that seems scary when hit in the right places even after you won the fight. Bandages are in this game, but no bleeding?!
  3. VandalReavre

    Hardcore Mode

    I concur, i think there is a multitude of directions this option could go into. It could be really minimalistic where sound and sight is really crucial to your survival or magazines needed to be refilled to full by holding 'reload' interim combat. You've brought the "hunters" season, but nothing really to rewards hunters instinct (just more gadgets). Even an anti-camping mechanic could be integrated that pings a hunter who has been within 10m of there last position every 45 seconds (for those worried that hardcore will just make everyone more campy). If the game is shooting for realism I really feel it should make strides to go all the way there before someone else does.
  4. VandalReavre

    Hardcore Mode

    I know this could cause a divide in the current playerbase/community, but i believe vigor really has the chance to corner the realism shooter market by removing some hud features (crosshairs and hitmarkers mainly). It could be just an option to select before joining a match that allows for the player's instanced loot to have greater rarity without the expense of crowns. Basically the player could accept a handicap for higher reward. If people really enjoy it could become a permanent mechanic or even rotational based off map selections. This could allow for more weapon variety in the games because people would familiarize themselves with irons and hipfire shooting patterns. Just a thought.